{XXUV} Devious Maids Episode 12 Watch Online Free

Devious Maids Episode 12 Watch Online Free Critics who complain that female actresses are forced to disrobe far more often than their male counterparts have clearly never seen in an of HBO’s “.” The vampire series, which began its third tonight, managed to find multiple ways — some more plausible than others — of having its four leading men appear sans shirts (and pants).

Devious Maids Episode 12 Watch Online Free In one dream sequence, obviously designed to titillate, vampire (Stephen Moyer) and shapeshifter ( Trammell) are even shirtless together, and uttering cheeseball lines like “I hear the water in Arkansas is very… hard,” while walking toward the shower.

Just like the before, three’s premiere — titled “Bad ” — picks up minutes after the events of last summer’s finale. Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is frantic that her vampire boyfriend — whose proposal she’s decided to accept — has been kidnapped, and immediately starts questioning all of her friends and acquaintances as to his whereabouts. She first interrogates (Alexander Skarsgard), whom she finds in the midst of having his way with Devious Maids Episode 12 Watch Online Free his bar’s newest dancer, but the Fangtasia owner has no clue where is. He does, however, tell he’s concerned her boyfriend’s sexual stamina may be “not up to snuff” and that he

Devious Maids Episode 12 Watch Online Free Still wants what is ’s — namely Sookie. The bar maid next seeks out her friend (Rutina Wesley), only to be attacked by her grieving pal, who’s upset with for helping her late boyfriend Eggs realize he killed a slew of people under the influence of last ’s villain, the maenad Maryann. eventually gets most information from ’s “ward” (Deborah Ann Woll), who uses her vampire-y sense to help track ’s car down.

Devious Maids Episode 12 Watch Online Free Meanwhile, has indeed been taken against his will, and is being tortured and drained by a bunch of homophobic rednecks tearing down a highway. The kidnappers are living high off sucking his ; one backseat penger even sucks from ’s body and regurgitates the into the driver’s mouth. Ew. Somehow, the incapacitated manages to crash their car, revive himself with the of a poor old lady with a respirator (though he does leave her with some cash), and finishes up the staring down a pack of werewolves, the latest category of “supes” being introduced into the series. He cautions: “I should warn you — I fed.”