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So you want to watch TV shows online? Did you know that it is even better to download your favorite TV shows and watch it on your computer? Some weeks ago I was desperately searching for a website offering a download of a particular episode of scrubs. I spent so much time searching the net (I have to admit that I am not a tech person) and I finally found a website offering 1000s of tv shows and 10,000s of episodes to download. I joined asap and was really surprised to find the scrubs episode I was searching for within minutes, because of the amazing search feature offered by TVOrg.

I was a little bit nervous, because I never downloaded a tv show or a movie from the internet before. I thought it would take hours. But the download was completed pretty fast and by using the software offered by TVorg I was able to view the episode immediately.

For weeks now I have spent hours downloading and searching for tv shows and movies. (Yes, TVorg also offers movie downloads).

TVorg is really cool and helped me a lot!

Is TVOrg for you? If you want to find and download your favorite series (Sitcoms, Drama, Reality TV, Music Videos, Cartoons, Mini-Series, Daytime Soaps, Home Improvement., even old-time favorites), get full episodes and seasons, watch and downloads sports events, and get access to unlimited movies (including new releases), music, mp3s and more, then TVorg is definitely what you are looking for.

By the way. Membership is pretty cheap. Just $19.95 for one year with unlimited downloads and no other fees.

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