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The synopsis of Watch The Hunger Games Online Free is set at an anonymous future date, the citizens of Panem has risen out of the devastation of what was previously often called North America. As a consequence of an unsuccessful uprising by the constituencies of Panem, a draw, which is called the "reaping", is held to pick out one boy and one woman, aged twelve-eighteen, from each of the twelve constituencies to take part in the Starvation Games, a contest by which each challenger, or tribute, battles till only one is left. The winner receives prize, gifts, and enough food and resources to by no means concern about anything else ever again. The Starvation Games are an every year reminder to the twelve constituencies of the Capitol's organization, and penalty for their revolt around seventy years ago, wherein the thirteenth region was supposedly destroyed. In District 12, sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen concerns for her mom and her sister Primrose "Prim" since her father passed away in a quarry accident when she was eleven. Yearly, since the age of twelve, Katniss' name has been put in the reaping more than once. In return for taking this extra annual risk, she gets further grain and oil for her folks. Moreover, Katniss has been illegally hunt down for food outside the boundary barriers of District 12 together with her pal Gale, whose father died in a similar unearthing disaster. Prim, now age twelve, has her name placed in the reaping for the very first instant and it is all of a sudden drawn. Katniss bargains to substitute her sister in the Games. She fights against different honours, which includes Peeta Mellark, the male honor from District 12, who has covertly loved Katniss dates back childhood and who one time displayed her a kindness she might never not remember. Before the Hunger Games commence, she is granted a stylist, Cinna, and a Capitol attendant, to assist her make a good impression with prospective sponsors. Haymitch Abernathy, a drunk as well as the only existing champion from District twelve, instructs together Katniss and Peeta in advance and through the Hunger Games. One time in the arena, Katniss should have faith in her hunting abilities, stealth, quickness, and intellect to be able to survive. She as well has to face her anger for the Capitol and 'placed on a very good show' so as to acquire food and help from benefactors. This movie is scheduled to be release in cinemas on March 21, 2012 in Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Philippines and on the 23rd of March, 2012 in the United States of America.