Citizens Publicly Recording Election Results on Election Night

On Election night a team spearheaded by the Voting Rights Task Force in California will be helping to monitor the election results in Ohio. We will be systematically taking and saving screenshots of the vote counts reported by the counties from their websites every 15 minutes, and posting the numbers in spreadsheets on this public website. What we hope to find is that everything is correct. Historically, anomalies do happen. The number of votes for a candidate can drop over time. Or there can be more votes cast than registered voters. Other variances happen. If they do, we will have a hotline to election integrity advocates in Ohio such as Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis, who will immediately send certified observers to any county where the anomalies need further inquiry.

Since the counts will be public, we invite everybody to monitor this website on election night.

Spreadsheets and data are at https://drive.google.com/?tab=go&authuser=0#folders/0B66e7Ok4DKAbZ183MkZNNlBIQXc

The point of this work is that experienced political scientists and election integity advocates will look at this data as it comes out, see where the anomalies are, and what needs attention first. This kind of information has not been readily available in one place so quickly before, and they tell us it's very valuable.

To our knowledge, this is the first time this kind of systematic, public recording of results has ever been done, at least in the US. It's a new, and exciting step for fully public and open elections. For the latest information, go to this web page:  https://sites.google.com/site/watchthecounties/

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