Watch Prometheus Online Free Movie Clip

Watch Prometheus Online Free begins, as Kubrick's did, with a track of clues on Earth that brings the explorers into space. In 2089 two archaeologists, Elizabeth together with Holloway discover prehistoric pictograms in a cave on Skye that sway them that guests from a far-off planet have visited earth. She is a devoted Christian sporting a cross around her neck, he's a militant atheist, and they gradually come to be convinced that these extraterrestrials might have really created our planet. The film then jumps forward in time and space. The spacecraft Prometheus, a scientific exploratory machine, is drawing close a desolate, unknown planet on 21 December 2093, on an expedition financed by the old head of the giant Weyland Corporation. Shaw along with Holloway are among the 17 persons aboard, and the workforce and scientific crew are simply waking up from two years of nap on the cryogenic deck. The only individual awake all over the journey is the debonair, good-looking robot David, who unlike the robotic performed by Ian Holm in Alien proclaims his identity instantly. David is a fascinating invention, a resemblance between Jeeves and a buddy under cover in a Jacobean melodrama, and his favourite movie is Lawrence of Arabia, the storyline of a control freak moving between two cultures.