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Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. Ah…the peach pie scene. In a prequel of sorts to the Oceans 11 series, a glib art historian (George Clooney) assembles an team of architects, artists, and museum directors (Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Hugh Bonneville, and Bob Balaban) to undergo special forces training and enter the European Theater in an effort to retrieve art stolen by the Nazis, with their ace in the hole being a Resistance member (Cate Blanchett) who once served as secretary to a top looting officer. For such surefire plot material, the kind which has lent to the success of dozens of similar war features, The Monuments Men is a perplexing and bumbling disaster on all accounts in the hands of director Clooney, who adapted Robert Edsel and Bret Witter's historical novel with his producing partner Grant Heslov. Never knowing exactly what pace to use or tone to set, Clooney assembles a charismatic team of stars and expects them keep his toothless, skittish, PG-rated war dud afloat. If ever an art preservation campaign again arises in the course of modern warfare, instead of being salvaged as a representation of human good, The Monuments Men would prove itself more useful by being melted down for parts.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. “Noble failure” is the best way to describe The Monuments Men, director and star George Clooney’s new World War II drama. Noble because the story the film tells is absolutely an important one, and also because Clooney attempts to present an old-fashioned, earnest tale of heroism that is sorely needed in these cynical times. But the movie ultimately fails because the director cannot keep a tight grip on the narrative and the tone, resulting in a sprawling, ramshackle mess whose positive attributes cannot overcome its many weaknesses. Who were the Monuments Men? According to the book by Robert Edsel on which the film is based, they were a group of art historians, museum curators and other like-minded individuals who went voluntarily to the front lines of World War II in Europe – long after many of them were of fighting age or shape – to track down and reclaim the countless numbers of works of art that had been stolen by the Third Reich, either from museums or private collectors. With the Nazis in retreat, the task of the Monuments Men – as the team was called – became even more urgent as the Germans were destroying everything in their wake as they fled.

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Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. The movie creates fictionalized versions or composites of real members of the Monuments Men, starting with Frank Stokes (Clooney), a Harvard art historian who, as the film opens, makes the case to President Roosevelt that 1,000 years of human culture is in danger of being lost unless action is taken. With the president’s approval, Stokes assembles a team that includes art restoration expert James Granger (Matt Damon), architect Richard Campbell (Bill Murray), sculptor Walter Garfield (John Goodman), art dealer Jean Claude Clermont (Jean Dujardin), art historian Preston Savitz (Bob Balaban) and an Englishman named Donald Jeffries (Hugh Bonneville), whose job is never quite made clear.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. The film’s first problem surfaces right away: the paragraph I wrote above is pretty much all we get to know about the seven Monuments Men (we also find out that Jeffries is an alcoholic with unresolved father issues – but that’s all that defines him). Little attempt is made to flesh out these men at all, save for a passing reference here or there to their lives back home. We know that Murray has grandkids; we learn that Damon is a faithful husband. But these are just broad strokes that don’t add any real depth or complexity to these men. They go about their mission, once they get to Europe, with hardly a complaint, doubt or sense of fear – despite the fact that none of them are exactly what you would call battle-hardened. In fact, we barely even know their names; I didn’t realize that Clooney’s character was called Stokes until about two-thirds of the way through the film, and had to look up Balaban’s in the press notes later on.

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Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. To be fair, there have been great war movies that don’t spend a lot of time exploring characters’ histories, and it’s clear from the get-go that Clooney wants to make something in the vein of The Bridge Over the River Kwai or The Guns of Navarone or Kelly’s Heroes – a big, old-fashioned war movie right down to the nostalgic score from Alexandre Desplat. Yet Clooney and Grant Heslov, who wrote the film together, can’t decide if they want a jauntier tone or something with more gravitas, like Saving Private Ryan. They end up with a jarring mix of episodic sequences, some played half-heartedly for laughs while others are meant to be stirring or moving – one sequence in which the team discovers barrels of gold teeth taken from Jews and hidden in a mine seems to have been dropped in from a far more solemn picture.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. The movie also lacks a clear goal for the men. In The Guns of Navarone, the German fortress had to be destroyed; the quest of The Great Escape was right there in the title. Yes, the Monuments Men were in Europe to rescue as many works of art as they could, but their objectives are so spread out, so vague (many of the treasures were tucked away in mines or keeps) that the screenwriters narrow it down to two: the Bruges Madonna by Michelangelo and the Ghent Altarpiece, a priceless, historic panel painting housed in a Belgian church. There’s little suspense or doubt about whether the men will find either. The movie’s finale seems so anticlimactic that Heslow and Clooney tack on a contrived race to get out of a mine before some Russians show up – but it’s not even clear what will happen if they don’t get out in time.

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Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. Also contrived is the subplot involving Granger and Claire Simone (Cate Blanchett in a thick French accent), a curator at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris who ends up secretly keeping a record of all the loot that the Nazis move in and out of the place during their occupation. Granger shows up to ask her for her records, which could be key to knowing what was stolen and where to look for it; Simone is so stubborn and unreasonably angry at Granger – she seems to think that the Americans will just steal the art again – that you would almost think she was trying to protect the Nazis. Sure, maybe you don’t trust the Americans, but whose hands would you prefer to have the art in? By the time she abruptly has a change of heart and even makes an attempt at seducing Granger, you have to wonder what the hell the writers were thinking.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. I’ve seen three out of Clooney’s four previous pictures as a director (Leatherheads has eluded me, or perhaps it’s the other way around), and he does his best work – in Good Night, and Good Luck and The Ides of March – with tight, small, character-driven pieces. This time around, he attemped to make an epic and just couldn’t get his hands and head completely around the material. The Monuments Men is technically proficient, well-photographed by Phedon Papamichael, and boasting that excellent score. All the principal cast members do the best they can with the thin material they’re given. But it’s edited like a montage of scenes from a much larger piece of material and never takes on a life or energy of its own.

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Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. Perhaps The Monuments Men should have been, ironically, even bigger: not a two-hour movie in which the filmmakers try to cram in too much information, too many emotions and too many incidents, but a 10-or-12-hour cable miniseries, with each episode focused on finding a different work of art and the whole thing giving the story and characters room to breathe and develop. That would have been just as noble, and perhaps might have saved this ambitious but deeply flawed film from its own uncertain and disappointing fate.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men” will go down in history, but probably not as its creator intended. As the picture features a murderers’ row of talent acting out an unheralded chapter of American history, it should remain a curiosity for many decades to come. And it’ll be visited by generations of film fans to come – a victory in itself – but it’ll likely be met with the same sustained, deafening cries of “huh?” that have clouded its theatrical release. It’s not rare for a supposed prestige pic to fumble this badly, but that doesn’t make the experience any easier to swallow. Based on the book by Robert Edsel, the story – penned by Clooney and his usual partner in crime, Grant Heslov – is simple but innately fascinating. It’s the latter stages of World War II and group of art historians, led by Frank Stokes (Clooney), have been tasked with rescuing a mass of important artworks from the clutches of the Nazis. Making up Stokes’ team are fellow scholars James Granger (Matt Damon), Richard Campbell (Bill Murray), Walter Garfield (John Goodman), Preston Savitz (Bob Balaban), and Jean Claude Clermont (Jean Dujardin), among others.

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Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. I wish I could better describe Stokes’ compatriots, but Clooney and Heslov are content to introduce them as blank slates, irreparably damaging the screenplay out of the gate. As a result, the first hour is a dearth of narrative connective tissue, ambling along episodically as if deliberately trying to buck the audience from its saddle. We know very little about these men, making the disjointed narrative structure – whether intentional or not – the worst possible fit for the material. A few early sequences come together wonderfully – most notably a failed attempt to recover Michelangelo’s “Madonna And Child” – but the haphazard assembly of scenes around such a high point greatly mutes its impact. Characters are all too often disconnected from one another, physically and emotionally, belying the notion that they’re in this together. These frequent comings and goings having little effect on the narrative as a whole, particularly Cate Blanchett’s charming but undercooked storyline as an introverted German art curator and resistance fighter.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. Clooney’s direction is magnificent, especially when the narrative comes into focus in the pic’s second hour. The production is big, bold, and sleek when it needs to be, with a few brief but essential action beats cutting through the general lack of intrigue. But Clooney the writer can’t make heads or tails of his source material, making for some maddening tonal confusion. The adorably sweeping John Williams-esque score suggests a film far fleeter than what’s onscreen, while an endearing but immaterial buddy subplot between Murray and Balaban sparks without ever igniting. The third act is a breath of fresh air in its straightforwardness, but a sudden and silly late game change-up in antagonists is completely unearned. Credit to Clooney for trying to maintain historical accuracy – it’s not easy telling a story in which the climax comes post-war – but why circumvent said commitment to accuracy in the most hackneyed way possible?

Watch The Monuments Men Online Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. “The Monuments Men” plays like an outtake reel interspersed with scenes of real dramatic weight, making for one of the most uneven cinematic rides in recent memory. The strength of the cast ends up being a disadvantage, underscoring the unfulfilled potential of the project. Pairing a knockout cast with a compelling and largely untold true story shouldn’t wield something so unwieldy, but Clooney and Heslov have managed to do it. It’s a film that won’t be forgotten, but probably should be – albeit one with the occasional worthy glimpse of what could have been. When news spread that George Clooney’s latest directorial effort, “The Monuments Men,” wouldn’t be making its original December 2013 release date, many people were surprised, to say the least. After all, nothing sounded more Oscar-ready than a World War II film based on a true story and starring some of Hollywood’s finest actors. Although the studio’s official response on the matter was that Clooney needed more time to finish post-production, it was most likely because “The Monuments Men” just isn’t a very good film. It’s a lot better than most of the dreck that’s forced down our gullets this time of year, but for a movie overflowing with promise, it’s hard not to feel the sting of disappointment.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. Clooney stars as Frank Stokes, an American art conservationist who leads a small platoon of experts – including museum curator James Granger (Matt Damon), architect Richard Campbell (Bill Murray), sculptor Walter Garfield (John Goodman), theater director Preston Savitz (Bob Balaban), French art dealer Jean-Claude Clermont (Jean Dujardin) and British professor Donald Jeffries (Hugh Bonneville) – into Europe during the final year of World War II. Their mission is to protect various monuments and buildings from being needlessly destroyed by Allied forces, as well as locate and retrieve the Nazi-stolen paintings and sculptures hand-picked for Hitler’s planned Führer Museum. After completing basic training, the men split up to undertake specific assignments across the war-torn continent, with Granger heading to Paris to meet a fellow museum curator (Cate Blanchett) who could be the key to tracking down some of the world’s most important cultural treasures.

Watch The Monuments Men Online Or Download The Monuments Men Movie Free. Based on the 2009 book by Robert M. Edsel, the real-life story of the Monuments Men is practically tailor-made for the big screen; a unique slant on the typical WWII film that, at least on paper, appeared to be equal parts “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Inglourious Basterds.” Unfortunately, it’s nothing like that at all. The movie is stuck in first gear for most of its sluggish two-hour runtime, and by the time it finally begins to take shape into the film that many were expecting from the start, it’s over. It’s also a giant mess tonally, shuffling back and forth between lighthearted comedy and serious drama with such reckless abandon that you’d think it was a first-time director behind the camera. One minute, the platoon is goofing around as Alexandre Desplat’s jaunty, “Gomer Pyle”-esque musical score plays in the background, and the next minute, Clooney’s character is launching into one of his many monologues about the importance of art. It’s as if the director/star (who also co-wrote the screenplay with longtime partner Grant Heslov) was caught in two minds as to which kind of movie he wanted to make.

Download The Monuments Men Movie Or Watch The Monuments Men Online Free. That carries over to the screenplay as well, which is packed with so many different subplots that there’s no room for character development. We never get to know any of the men beyond their names and job titles, and they spend so much time apart on side missions that they barely have the chance to interact as an ensemble. In fact, many of the characters aren’t given much to do at all. Murray, Goodman, Dujardin and Balaban are wasted in roles that could have been played by anyone, and while Bonneville gets a decent little arc, even his big emotional scene is undercut by Clooney’s questionable direction. There are some fun character moments throughout – especially the stuff with Murray and Balaban – but it’s not enough to counteract the rather pedestrian nature of the film. “The Monuments Men” is more “Leatherheads” than “Good Night, and Good Luck”; a stark reminder that although Clooney is capable of directing a great movie, he’s much better in front of the camera than behind it.