2012/06/29 - 4N the 4N-MVT01/D01 Model, the first of the brand

4N contemporary Haute Horlogerie

In March 2011 the watch brand 4N is presenting a watchmaking intricacy which is completely original and innovative. It highlights the unique assets that define the brand 4N, marked by an obvious return to a clear and effective numerical display by reinventing the jumping minute hand.

4N, while remaining within the mainstream of the new haute horlogerie, it distinguishes itself by the creation of a digital display, extremely effective in its ergonomics and spectacular in its shape, never before carried out (typographical frame 5.5 mm).

Let us explain the origin of the name 4N. To be read in its English version 4 numbers, it reflects the 4-digit display of a dozen hours, hours, dozens of minutes and minutes. The said rhythm sequence of the display reveals these original states. The brand identity, summed up in it's logo, displays a character in counter-form, beneath a regular vertical sequence.

APRP, a world-renowned partnership

The partnership with the manufacturer Renaud and Papi (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) clearly and comfortably places 4N in the contemporary Haute Horlogerie.

The innovative spirit of the manufacture, its production methods, among the most advanced, as well as its perfect mastery of technology have developed for it, over the years, an unparalleled reputation that has attracted the most prestigious watchmakers.

Today APRP puts its know-how and technical expertise at the service of 4N, offering the assurance of constant and sustainable guaranteed services.

The uniqueness of APRP, the personality of its founders and it's level of requirements, have led to a highly qualified team with which 4N is proud to work today.

4N, achieved a level of excellence 

The partnership with Renaud and Papi (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) clarifies and highlights the performance ambition sustained by the brand. Assurance of high-tech and exceptional technical prowess, APRP today guarantees maintenance and regular monitoring of production, applied and sustainable. From the industrial research to the prototype to the delicate operation of finish and assembly, the collaboration with Renaud and Papi places 4N at a level of excellence in the horology market.

The partnership has a number of technical advances on the model of the iconic brand (4N-MVT01/D01), both in the sophistication of the finishes crafted entirely by hand and the final details worthy of the finest timepieces, as well as in the selection and implementation of exceptional quality materials.

This level of excellence is notably apparent through the enhancement of the screw balance placed on the dial, and of a movement of 10-days power reserve built around a double barrel. Some 520 components, all hand decorated with 86 rubies, form this exceptional movement. Their balance in this model makes it a particularly innovative work that reflects the audaciousness, and mastery of this young, independent brand.


The 4N-MVT01/D01/4 Model2 is the first of the mark. While the display and movement reveal the mechanical refinement of this iconic model, the supple design of the box and the layout of the details counterbalance the masculine shape of it's assembly. MVT01 affirms a position far away from the effects of intricacy, far from plastic and technical outbidding which can blur the clarity of the time. The model provides an unequivocal reading of the time, both in appearance and in its display. The dial displays a constellation of scattered figures, though with great strength, to display the time, clearly and unequivocally, in the centre of the dial. Furthermore, an automatic fastening system can delete the loop (optional), to provide a customized strap and a quick exchange.

The booming tone of the lettering, the excessive size of the print and the overall formal vocabulary, make this model an exclusive creation in the clock-making domain. So 4N promotes a contemporary image with mechanical tones, which stress the key-role of the clock function.

The model 4N-MVT01/D01 will be available from September 2011, the subscription is open at the Basel exhibition.

Watchmaker & Designer 

In 2009, François Quentin is the founder of the 4N watch brand.
As freelance designer since 1986, F. Quentin, in the world of watchmaking, has helped design many contemporary models for French and Swiss watch brands. Among the most famous, we note that in 2004 he co-founded the HAUTLENCE watchmaking brand for the HL models and co-designed the Louis Vuitton flag-ship model, the Tambour.

At age 48, François Quentin has gradually added a variety of skills to his portfolio. Crazy about mechanics and computer science, the designer works in business sectors demanding both wide-ranging and special abilities, covering the world of the machine-tool, the eyeglass trade and Web design. F.Quentin graduated in watch repair since 2006 and can now clearly show his expertise in watch design.

Technical Specifications

Limited Edition : 16 pieces
4N-MVT01/D01 is embodied in a mouvement of manufacture, defined by a mechanical complication with manual assembly and a 12-hour digital display. It is based on an intelligent configuration of intermittent rotating discs. Three subgroups of discs, , kept in cage structures, light up to reveal the time according to a jumping display as the minutes pass (4 discs for the hour, 5 for the minutes, and 1 for the ten minutes). The device uses a system of jump by constant force guaranteeing a minimum expenditure of energy whatever the degree of movement. 

The patented model solves delicate technical issues. The one size of the figures (5.5 mm) leads to a demanding implementation, based on a totally manual manufacturing process. The movement, stems from a complex setting of the kinematic discs, to solve problems of balance, inertia, and friction for optimum movement and a minimum expenditure of energy. 

This model is available in 18K white gold or platinum. The bracelet which may be selected from a range of high-quality materials, is mounted on the box by an automatic strap system and allows for lengthening as required. The model is also equipped with a time setting where it is easy to adjust the hour digits independently of the minutes. 

All these special qualities make this a contemporary creation that will highlight the exclusive discretion of its owners. 

  • Jumping minutes and hours 
  • Digital display by discs 
  • Double barrel with simultaneous transmission stop-work 
  • Screw balance: 9.12mm 
  • Breguet spiral 
  • Rhythm: 21 000 Vibration/hr 
  • 520 components 
  • 87 rubies 
  • 237-hour power reserve 
  • Finish: all parts are hand-decorated