2012/06/27 - Zenith the Star, an Anthem to Femininity

Since 1865, Zenith has also been dedicating its legend to women. From the first enamelled pocket watches to jewellery pendant watches along with complicated wristwatches, its creations are an anthem to elegance and to the watchmaking art. And history is merely a prologue, as the new Zenith Star eloquently testifies.

"Zenith is a creative laboratory."

Guided by the visionary intuition of the man who founded it almost 150 years ago, Zenith has made a lasting impact on the cultural history of ladies’ watches and has written some of the most fascinating chapters in this ongoing odyssey. This is due to two main reasons, the first being the exceptional position held by the brand since 1865. Over 300 Zenith patents have laid as many milestones in the progress of time measurement, encompassing the entire spectrum from onboard instruments to wristwatches as well as pocket watches. More than 600 movement variations testify to unique expertise.

The second reason is that the Manufacture has always succeeded in placing technology at the service of beauty. Zenith is a creative laboratory. Watch designs stem from the whole range of functions of a given mechanism. But while designers must incorporate all the technical elements within the conceptual process, they are also keen to infuse timepieces with a poetic touch. In this way, right from the early days of the wristwatch, the collections for women have been consistently developed as a blend of top-flight horology and elegance.

Zenith has dedicated this passion for horological complications – which constantly inspires it to develop new models, to fine-tune its movements and its cases ranging from the most understated to the most sophisticated – to serving women. Zenith has always made a point of adorning its timepieces with precious stones and enamelled paintings, and has poured the full range of its horological skills into endowing ladies’ watches with a rare aura of distinction. The brand stands out from its peers in this domain, transforming complications into authentic jewellery masterpieces. The designers’ inventiveness gives rise to prodigious accomplishments reserved exclusively for women.

Ladies’ watches have always been designed primarily to underscore elegance. Right from the 19th and above all the 20th century, women have wanted creations featuring an inseparable blend of beauty and technical performance. And no other brand than Zenith so closely entwines aesthetic appeal and fine mechanisms. In an era when women are more than ever eager to own creations that are both technically sophisticated and inherently precious, Zenith revels in inventing unique new models – such as the new Zenith Star collection.


The Manufacture Zenith has always been sensitive to the tastes of women, who have indeed played a key role in its history. It was in particular thanks to the support and encouragement of his wife that Georges Favre-Jacot created the Manufacture that would become Zenith. The advent of the Zenith Star watch, notably distinguished by its retro-chic cushion-shaped cases, is a further step in this enduring story of which two new models are now writing a new chapter: the Zenith Star Open and the Zenith Star Moonphase.

"Governed by the conviction that the true perfection of a work of art is perceptible in its smallest details."

The Zenith Star Open and Zenith Star Moonphase models testify to a two-fold influence: that of feminine and daring cushion-shaped ladies’ watches; and that of a fine and exceptionally reliable mechanism. Their undeniable technical feats are combined with subtle aesthetic refinement.

Zenith Star Open

Zenith Star Moonphase