2012/06/22 - Bell & Ross and Aeronautical Instrumentation

The AVIATION collection is directly inspired by the instrumentation of aircraft cockpits and addresses four fundamental requirements: legibility, functionality, precision and water-resistance. 

In 2005, the BR 01 was inspired by the cockpit clocks of 1970s airplanes. This iconic watch was produced using high-tech materials and complications reflecting the finest Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship.

Exploring aeronautical navigation instruments further, Bell & Ross developed two completely new high-tech models – the BR01 COMPASS and RADAR – in 2010 and 2011, respectively. With these two models, Bell & Ross conceptualized an entirely new way of reading time.

The result was a collection of exclusive watches with an innovative display of uncompromising legibility, an absolute necessity for professionals and for every Bell & Ross watch.


In 2012, as part of its continuing quest for innovation and performance, Bell & Ross introduces three new versions inspired by aeronautical instrumentation with a particular focus on the instruments vital to air navigation: the BR01 HORIZON, the BR01 ALTIMETER, and the BR01 TURN COORDINATOR.

In the cockpit, the essential instruments are laid out in a T shape for optimal legibility. They are grouped according to their function and importance and include essential tools for flying (attitude indicator, altimeter, etc.) and navigation (compass, turn coordinator, etc.).

• The attitude indicator makes it possible to monitor the aircraft’s position relative to the horizon, whatever the visibility conditions.

• The altimeter calculates the aircraft’s altitude based on the measurement of atmospheric pressure. It is a valuable instrument for determining altitude based on a reference point: i.e. the ground, the sea (altitude measurement) or an isobaric surface.

• The turn coordinator indicates flight symmetry, without which the aircraft slides or slips. The turn indicator is a gyroscope used to visualize the rate of turn (roll). It features a bearing that moves in a curved tube to represent the aircraft’s sideslip. 

The bearing functions using gravity.


With these three watches, Bell & Ross recreates the graphic style of these navigation tools as closely as possible, once again going beyond the traditional approach to telling time. Produced as a limited edition, these three watches in their boxes will give watch collectors a sense of owning a piece of an aircraft cockpit...