2012/07/13 - Cartier the ID Two Concept Watch, High-Efficiency Watch

Cartier has revolutionized the world of mechanical watches with the Cartier ID Two concept watch, a high-efficiency watch equipped with a revolutionary Movement which consumes 50% less energy and stores 30% more energy than a comparable mechanical movement.

This triumph of watchmaking is based on 3 essential Characteristics :

1°) - Two duolevel barrels equipped with two fibreglass springs allow 30% more energy to be stored compared to a traditional solution.

2°) - A revolutionary gear train and escapement that transmits 25% more energy than its conventional counterparts.

3°) - Thanks to the invention of AirfreeTM technology, Cartier has enabled the creation of a vacuum inside the calibre de Cartier CeramystTM case. Moving without air friction, the oscillator consumes 37% less energy.

Thanks to these breakthrough innovations, the Cartier ID Two concept watch, the first adjustement-free, lubrication-free high-efficiency watch, offers a 32-day power reserve in a standard-sized watch case and shows the way for the watchmaking of tomorrow.