2012/04/17 - Cacheux new Papillon

According to this unique fastening which get free the upper wrist, this timepiece seems to fly above the wrist as a butterfly ! 

​This unique timepiece is entirely set by 28 carats of diamonds and emeralds, welcoming a wonderful double-barrel movement.

This movement has, furthermore, a unique wonderful thing : it possesses a power reserve of more than 120 hours (5 days).

Every part of this watch is created and rose by hand, every decoration of the movement or the watch is engraved by hand.

​Created this unique timepiece requiring a work of setting extremely meticulous on a case manufactured in golden plots 18 carats and needed more than 6 months to deliver this ultimate timepiece.

All the parts protecting the movement are golden 18 carats, case, bezel, back, screws, crown, etc.

A guard-time of a rare complexity both by its movement and by the work of setting of the precious stones, all of quality VVS.

Technical Specifications

  • 18 carats white gold
  • Case set with diamonds round-cut
  • Bezel set with diamonds round-cut
  • Crown set with a rose-cut emerald
  • Edition number engraved by hand
  • Personal message to be engraved by hand
  • Made from white mother-of-pearl
  • Rose set with emeralds round-cut and diamonds round-cut
  • 18 carats white gold hands
  • Automatic movement
  • 120-hour power reserve (5 days) on double barrel
  • 4 hz
  • Butterfly on seconds hand
  • Clear anti-reflective sapphire
  • Elephant System
  • Fastenings set with round-cut diamonds
  • Buttons set with round-cut ruby and round-cut diamonds
  • Individually made-to-measure
  • Large choice of leather, satin and colour
Water resistance
  • 50 meters
Total gold
  • 750/1000 white gold
  • Weight (average) : 135g
Precious stones quality
  • Total : 28 carats
Total precious stones : 1280
Total diamonds : 1000
Total emeralds : 280
Clarity : VVS
Swiss made