2012/04/02 - Magrette Regattare Vintage Brass

This watch comes with a story........

Last year we created this model as being a watch with a full bronze (CuSn8) case. It has been a hit, reviews have been great and we sold a nice number.

In February of this year, two competitor micro-brands indicated their supplier had sent them the wrong alloy for their bronze cases. We immediately had our cases tested in an independent laboratory as well. Our cases also appeared to be not the CuSn8 bronze alloy, but instead a high quality brass, the stuff trumpets and saxophones are made of. So basically it is a mix of copper and zinc, instead of copper and tin.

We actually are in the process of exchanging the watch cases with cases of the right specifications and the right material for customers who chose not to keep their watch after the test results came in. Of course we offered this swap free of charge.

At the same time we have been asked several times if we still can deliver this model as it is: with a brass, not a bronze case. Not all customers think the difference between bronze and brass to be that important apparently. And they might be right..?

So, after consulting our brand-followers on facebook, we decided to offer the model for sale again, as it still is the same watch as before: a popular, handsome watch of good quality at a great price.

The case material is of high quality and will show signs of patina developing over time. Just different than the intended CuSn8 bronze material. Brass tends to become darker into a brownish tone, bronze develops into a more reddish, even darker tone with age.

In all honesty, selling some of this stock will enable us to spend money on areas where we like it to be spent: the continuous development of new models. It just doesn't make sense to destroy watches that people still want to buy. It goes against our feelings and would be a terrible waste of material and resources. Please note that the new CuSn8 bronze cases we will use for replacement during our recall will be marked differently to distinguish them from the ones with brass cases. This to prevent confusion in the second hand marketplace. When the new cases are finished, we will put this information online.

Yes, the dial has BRONZE printed on it. Incorrectly so. We will not change dials however. Consider this to be an offer of a rare misprint, a quirky model with a story behind it.

The Regattare Vintage Brass features the Miyota 21 Jewel Automatic Movement. It has a 45 hour reserve and uses 'Parashock' - its own proprietary shock resistance on the balance. The Miyota has a track record of accuracy, dependability and longevity; three characteristics that Magrette timepiece wearers have whole-wristedly embraced.

This timepiece will be a Limited Edition of 1000 pieces worldwide.

Technical Specifications

  • 21 jewels (Miyota) Automatic
  • Brass, brush finish, 44mm excluding the crown.
  • Screw down
  • Sapphire, AR (anti reflective) coated inside the crystal
  • 5 ATM (approx 132ft)
Strap options
  • 24mm Leather (black with black stitching, brown with brown stitching, brass or stainless steel buckle)
  • Eco pine
Vintage Style Roll Case
  • Canvas
Limited Edition
  • 1.000 pieces