2012/01/25 - Meccaniche Veloci the new Quattro Valvole collection the Evolution

Almost five years since its launch, Meccaniche Veloci introduces a new collection of the famous Quattro Valvole line, in four different variants. The famous timepiece based on a four-phase engine piston, housing four independent movements has been re-designed. It is a veritable evolution that involves new styling, which is evident for everyone to see and exceptional mechanical craftsmanship, enhancing the functionality of the timepiece. 

The new Quattro Valvole collection maintains the core aesthetic values that distinguish the range, not only does it draws its spirit from the world of racetracks, but also its design and the essential components of the case and finishing. The new timepieces reveal an inner strength, due to the use of new materials and the craftsmanship. Titanium is used for the case design, with a single slightly convex, anti-reflective, sapphire crystal glass covering the face and to finish the Swiss Made stamp, confirming the excellence of the timepieces. 

Quattro Valvole became famed for its versatile design at the beginning of the decade, capable of satisfying the most discerning watch aficionado, in terms of design and functionality. 

The four variants of the new Quattro Valvole include: 

  • The Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes - 48 mm case - with the four grooves in the dial that house four independent movements, as in the historical model, but protected by a single sapphire crystal glass face.
  • The Quattro Valvole 44 Chronograph - 44 mm case - whose function is to measure intervals of time that require the accuracy of a chronograph.
  • The Quattro Valvole 42 Three Hand - 42mm case – a smaller case with the indication of only one time zone.
  • The Quattro Valvole 42 Power Reserve - 42 mm case - which is named in this manner because of the winding reserve indicator, an important complication from the watchmaker. 

The introduction of these new functions, makes way for a change in the design of the face, the four independent dials are now used not only for the indication of four time zones, but also for new and different functions that the watch performs. 

These innovations alongside its attractive and sophisticated design further secure Meccaniche Veloci’s position as a recognisable luxury watch brand. The brand is working at the forefront of watch design technology, combining watch making skill and craftsmanship with Swiss Made engineering. A winning and unmistakeable combination. 

- The Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes

Classic yet contemporary, the Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole 48 heads the range with an absolute innovation: a single dial for four independent movements and just one, anti-reflective, slightly bombé sapphire crystal.

The original design has evolved in terms of style and functions, with four time zones - hour, minutes, seconds and date – powered by four entirely Swiss Made ETA 2671 automatic mechanical movements.

The case is forged directly from the living, breathing heart of titanium, as are the four crowns and the screw case back. It has a diameter of 48 mm and is also available with IPB treatment. Innovation is also seen in the strap which is attached directly to the case without the use of horns. 

Quattro Valvole 48, a timeless classic.

Technical specifications

Ref. Classic : W124K111 
Case : Black IPB titanium case - Ø 48 mm
Movement : Four independent Eta 2671 mechanical automatic movements 
Glass : Sapphire
Notes : Also available with natural titanium case (W124N111)

- The Quattro Valvole 44 Chronograph
Designed to mark time on the racing circuit, Quattro Valvole 44 Chronograph is pure Swiss precision with an ETA 7750 mechanical movement. Protecting the watch’s Swiss perfection is a titanium screw case back, but it is displayed in all its glory in the function cavities on the single dial featuring the hours counter, the continuous seconds counter and the minutes counter.

The fourth cavity on the upper right features the Meccaniche Veloci logo: the unmistakeable toothed gear driving the brand’s passion. The 44 mm diameter titanium case takes up the entire circumference of the dial to ensure that reading the passage of time is a straightforward and simple experience.

Functionality and style are also seen in the strap, with four titanium screws attaching it to the case. Sporty yet sophisticated, the Quattro Valvole 44 Chronograph is ready for the track.

Technical specificartions

Ref. Classic : W123K082
Case : Black IPB titanium case - Ø 44 mm
Movement : Chronograph Eta 7750 (Valjoux) mechanical automatic movement
Glass : Sapphire
Notes : Also available with natural titanium case (W123N082)

- The Quattro Valvole 42 Three Hand

With the minute marks arranged around the entire circumference of the watch and the diameter of the case reduced to 42 mm, the Quattro Valvole 42 Three-Hand is the finest example of the Meccaniche Veloci evolution. Four cavities reproduce the exhaust valves on a cylinder head, protected behind a single anti-reflective and slightly bombé sapphire crystal.

In addition to hour, minute, second and date functions, the dial also bears the brand’s gear logo on the upper left and the Swiss Made logo on the lower right, a reminder of the automatic mechanisms powering an ETA 2824 movement, protected by a titanium screw case back.

Lastly, an added touch of elegance and distinction is provided with the integrated strap with four titanium screws. Quattro Valvole 42 Three-Hand, a new dimension to style

Technical specifications

Ref. : W121K047
Case : Black IPB titanium case - Ø 42 mm
Movement : Eta 2824 mechanical automatic movement
Glass : Sapphire 
Notes : Also available with natural titanium case (W121N047)

- The Quattro Valvole 42 Power Reserve

With the Quattro Valvole 42 Power Reserve model, Meccaniche Veloci opens its range to complexity, technological evolution and exclusive wristwear. A single automatic winding Soprod 9060 mechanical movement on a rigorously Swiss Made ETA 2892- 2 base drives time around the entire perimeter of the watch, with luminescent spheres marking the hours, minutes and seconds, protected behind a single anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

A racing spirit and four valves set within the four cavities in the dial. Date, day and power reserve displays along with the Meccaniche Veloci logo are proof of a roaring passion. The leading feature of the brand’s most complicated model is the power reserve indicator, visible on a 0 to 40 graduated scale. It shows the remaining power in the engine spring and has a total of 40 hours’ autonomy. 

Quattro Valvole 42 Power Reserve, the challenge has just begun.

Technical specifications

Ref. Classic : W122K061
Case : Black IPB titanium case - Ø 42 mm
Movement : Soprod 9060 mechanical automatic movement with power reserve indicator 40 hours
Glass : Sapphire
Notes : Also available with natural titanium case (W122N061)