2012/01/19 - Roger Dubuis new Velvet Fine Jewellery model in white gold

This watch is synonymous with the absolute. Absolute as a watchmaker, absolute as a jeweller: the Velvet Fine Jewellery model in white gold is a watch that is dedicated to all the savoir-faire of ROGER DUBUIS. A symbol of technical alchemy and preciosity, it is set with 1,300 diamonds to give a total of some 9 carats. At its heart beats the RD 821 automatic mechanical movement. Its exceptional universe comprised of femininity, glamour and glitter places it securely in the spirit of the Diva. 

Eminently desirable and deliciously precious, the Velvet Fine Jewellery watch in white gold is an ode to femininity. With its graphic dial set in relief on two levels, its numerals and appliques with their established identities, symbolic attachments thanks to which the bracelet and watch are joined into one: this watch takes pleasure in revisiting the codes of ROGER DUBUIS in sophisticated form. 

For the Genevan watchmaker loves to create ultra- desirable, eccentric watches that make women long to possess them. With this Velvet watch set with diamonds, the brand looks towards this unique expression of elegance and refinement. It takes pleasure in appropriating the conventions of Fine Watchmaking and Fine Jewellery by combining them in a single iconic timepiece. ROGER DUBUIS has taken its inspiration from a certain daring spirit and charm in order to create this timepiece, which adds a touch of refinement to the collection. 

The dazzling Velvet Fine Jewellery watch in white gold glitters with a thousand shimmers of light. From the heart of the watch to the folding buckle, this timepiece veritably gleams with the light of the gems. One thousand three hundred diamonds cover the watch, with 310 on the case (approx. 2.93 carats), and 494 on the bracelet (approx. 5.03 carats). Echoing this dazzling spectacle, 496 diamonds (approx. 1.03 carats) also cover the back of the dial on which is placed a metallised crystal displaying elongated Roman numerals. To create this precious item, ROGER DUBUIS’ team of gem-setters concentrated all their talent, carefully selecting the appropriate precious stones, harmoniously setting the diamonds and arranging the rounding off of the shapes so as to soften the timepiece’s appearance. 

Faithful to its desire for reliability, ROGER DUBUIS has equipped this watch with an RD 821 automatic mechanical movement. A manufacture movement designed, deve- loped and produced in-house. This model is naturally in keeping with the characteristics of the collection: attachments that harmoniously connect the bracelet and the 36 mm case; the dial set in relief on two levels; the case with a trompe-l’oeil shape half-way between a circle and a barrel; together with its strong character, power of seduction and certification. The harmony of its gold bracelet and of its case is further emphasised by the Velvet Fine Jewellery model in pink gold; these diamonds highlight the attachments repeated all along the bracelet. 

Like all models produced by the Genevan watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS, the Velvet models comply with all the latest requirements for the “Poinçon de Genève”.