2012/01/10 - Auricoste Horloger de la Marine 1854 the new Spirotechnique Pro. 300M

A century and a half of watchmaking tradition in the service of the navy of the state.

From its origins in 1854, Auricoste is intimately linked to the French naval life. Its history gives it a special status in the watchmaking world, where beauty and rigor of the process are the key words. Its chronographs are considered measuring instruments of choice for amateurs and experts talk watch mechanisms worldwide. Auricoste continues to provide performance and service to the larger divisions of the army and naval aviation in France and around the world. The House team still most of the buildings of the French Navy (Submarine type NLS, Frigates, 2000, to the prestigious Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle).

Auricoste and Spirotechnique.

Today watchmaker adds to its catalogue 2012, the famous diving watch Spirotechnique. Indeed, the Spirotechnique (inventor of scuba diving in its current form) has renewed its confidence in the House Auricoste for editing his new diving watch Auricoste-Spirotechnique. For over 20 years, and Auricoste Spirotechnique have equipped the combat divers of the Navy with their diving watches. Reliability and robustness have made back this timepiece in the legend of diving watches.