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Frozen features Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers, and Shawn Ashmore. It is a upcoming thriller from writer-director Adam Green.

Watch Frozen Online

Lynch ( Ashmore ), Dan ( Zegers ), and Parker ( Bell ) are enjoying their day on the slopes. Unfortunately, it turns into a chilling nightmare when they're stuck on the chairlift before their last run. The ski patrol switches off the night light. The 3 are left dangling high up in the air and no way down. - Watch Frozen Online

Watch Frozen Online

The resort is closed till the following weekend. If they don't make a move, they'll definitely have frostbite and suffer with hypothermia. The threesome's only choice is to escape to the mountains. If they stay where they are they'll clearly freeze to death. So they make their move but understand that there's so much more they need to battle than the freezing cold. Unexpected obstacles come their way and the power of their will to survive is questioned.

Green is a relatively newcomer in the directing scene. His prior films are mostly independent. Frozen was also penned by him. This is Bell's first major picture. She has appeared in a sling of TV shows such as Third Watch, Law and Order, The Bedford Diaries, ghost Whisperer, and mystical.

Zegers and Ashmore have been about for a little time now. They have had their share of noticed projects. Zegers' acting credits include Wrong Turn, The incredible Mrs. Richie, Dawn of the Dead, Transamerica, It's A Boy Girl Thing, The Jane Austen Book Club, and standard. Ashmore's film credits include Solstice, The Ruins, and the X-men movies.

Audience needs a change from the common romantic comedy and action films. Frozen gives them this option. This is a different category with a young cast which teens will enjoy.

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