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Movie Title :Time Bomb

Jason tragically lost his young son when their SUV exploded. Now fighting as a soldier in Iraq, the suicide bombings that occur around him on a daily basis constantly remind him of losing his son. An army scientist approaches Jason about an experimental virus that would create a squad of suicide bombers they could use against the enemy. Uncertain if he has already been infected by the virus, Jason must struggle to decipher which explosions are real and which are in his head.

Year : 2008

Genres : Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 3.60

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Actors : Jake Busey=Jason Philby Matthew MacFadzean=Bob Vik Sahay=Samir / Habib Richard Fitzpatrick=Burgess David Jones=Maclean Deborah Odell=Jane Daniel Cook=Jake Robert Bockstael=Black Matt Austin=Kid Marc Hickox=Nurse Erin Berry=

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Directors : Erin Berry

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