About Us

Watchet Coastguard Rescue Team (CRT) is one of the 368 Coastguard Rescue Teams that are strategically placed around the UK coastline. All the rescue teams are equipped to deal with incidents and rescues that are associated within the local coastal terrain, shoreline and increasingly further inland as part of our Category 1 responder status.
As part of Her Majesty's Coastguard Agency, which is the Emergency Response arm of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, this service has a long and proud history going back to the early 19th century, and earnt great respect for saving many peoples lives.
Watchet CRT is part of the Exmoor Sector which spands from Woolacombe in North Devon through to Bridgewater in Somerset. The sector contains 5 teams each trained in a combination of Cliff Rescue, Search and Rescue, Water Rescue and Mud Rescue. The Exmoor Sector is managed by Vince Irwin.
The team consists 10 Coastguard Rescue Officers (CRO's), all whom are volunteers, holding down a variety of full time jobs. The Team is on standby 24/7 alerted by a paging system. Each member is not obliged to attend every job as this simply would not be feasible. However, making a commitment to one of our Teams would mean attending jobs on a regular basis, as well as weekly training sessions.
The team are paged by the Swansea Coastguard Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre. After being alerted by pagers, CRO's make their way to the Coastguard Station as soon as possible. The team can be on its way to a job within minutes of being paged, using our 4 x 4 fully equiped Rescue Vehicle. More about the equipment we use can be found here.