A Brief Biography of
the late Ven. Phrakru Vithessangkakarn (Vieng)
Chief Priest of Selangor and Perak (Thai Sect)
Founding Abbot of Chetawan Temple, Jalan Pantai, Petaling Jaya.
Phra Kru Vithessangkakarn was born on the 21st day of July, B.E. 2445 (1902) in the Village of Tamnan in the Muang District of Patalung Province, Thailand.  His Father was Mr. Hoy Trepolaksorn, a lawyer, and his mother, Madame Tadam.  As a young boy, he did his primary education at Apaiyanukul School, Patalung up to Mathayom 1 (Standard 5) level.
At the age of 16, he was ordained as a novice by the late Ven. Phra Kru Karaneeyakij of Wat Kuhasawan, Patalung.  Four years later, he received his higher ordination from the late Ven. Phra Kru Ariyasanvorn, the tenth Ecclesiastical Governor of the Patalung.
Having mastered both the Pali language and scriptures, it dawned upon him that the time had come for him to spread the Dhamma far and wide.  When he was 24, he took to the road and made his way down to Malaya.  He founded Wat Chetawan in 1958 (B.E. 2501), at the age of 56.
In recognition of his outstanding service to the Buddha Sasana, he was commissioned as a Preceptor in 1954 (B.E. 2497) under the auspices of the Thai Ecclesiastical Council of Thailand.  This was followed by the conferment of the titile of Phra Khru Palad in 1956 (B.E. 2499) and made the Chief Priest of Selangor and Perak (Thai Sect) by Ven. Phra Thep Yanmolee who was the Ecclesiatical Inspector of the 9th Thai Religious Region, and the Ecclesiastical Governor of the Pattani Province, Thailand.  His Excellency the Ambassador of Thailand in Kuala Lumpur, concurred with the appointment. 
In 1968 (B.E. 2511) at the age of 65, he was bestowed a Royal Commission, a Holy Fan and the Royal Title of 'Prakru Vithessangkakarn' (An Ecclesiastical Executor in a foreign country), by His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.
Prakru Vithesssangkakarn (Vieng) lived to a ripe old age of 81 years.  He passed away peacefully in Songkhla in 1983 (B.E. 2526) after a short illness.  Part of his remains was brought back to Chetawan in 1988 together with a life size bronze image of him for devotees to pay their respects.
A Brief Biography of
Ven. Phra Sophitchariyaphorn (Pien Saccadhammo)
Current Chief Abbot of Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple. Jalan Pantai, Petaling Jaya.
Phrakhru Sophitchariyaphorn (Pien Saccadhammo), was born in January 1957 to a farming family in the district of Padang Terap, Kedah.  His father was Mr. Seng Siangmanee, and his mother Mdm. Thong Rin Siangmanee.
His interest in the Dhamma was apparent since an early age.  Kindled further by the encouragement of his uncle and close relatives who were already serving the Sanana as members of the Sangha, he sought his parent's blessings to join monkshood.  At the tender age of 14, he took ordination as a novice monk under the preceptorship of Chow Khun Rit Dharmachan (Than Bau) of Wat Kalai, Kedah.
The next few years were spent at Wat Kg. Kubang Kesom where he devoted his time studying the Dhamma and carrying out his duties as a 'nehn' (novice monk).  On account of this industrious character and sincerity, a warm relationship between student and teacher soon bloomed likened to that of a father and son.
7 years later at the age of 21 he took the upasampada or higher ordination.  Acting as his preceptor was again the late Chow Khun Rit Dharmachan of Wat Kalai.  The years following his higher ordination were well spent carrying out his monastic duties both in the areas of scripture studies and meditation practice.
On arriving in Selangor in 1978 and after short stay at Sri Jayanti Temple at Jalan Peel in Kuala Lumpur, he took up residence at Wat Chetawan in July 1980.  Three years later after the demise of Phra Kru Palad Vieng, the Founder, he was appointed acting Chief Abbot and after proving his capability, he was officially confirmed as the new Chief Abbot of Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple by the Malaysian Thai Sangha Council on 19th September 1986.
After assuming the position of Chief Abbot, Phra Pien wasted no time in devoting his dedication towards the development of Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple and embarked on a massive campaign to complete what Phra Kru Palad Vieng had initiated.  Under his stewardship, Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple has achieved great progress and undergone tremendous changes.  Many impressive new Temple buildings were added to the landscape.
A Pavilion dedicated to Lord Brahma (Sei Bin Sin) built on the front lawn of the Wat's compound was the first of his many projects.  The depleted pavilion next to the Bodhi tree was subsequently demolished and a new building named Mondop was built in its place.  The Mondop currently housed the brass statue of the five senior monks including that of the Founder, Phra Khru Palad Vieng.
A beautiful bell tower, a sala, a dragon stairway and an impressive gateway complete with concrete fencing around the parameters of the Temple were added, complementing the Thai architectural design of the Ubosot.  On account of a vision that came to him, a pavilion dedicated to Bodhisatta Kuan Yin was also constructed by Phra Pien.
His biggest accomplishment is perhaps the successful completion of the second renovation carried out on the Ubosot.  The Main Shrine Hall had fallen into partial disrepair and was on scaffolding for two years due to the severe leaks at its roof.  Within a short period of time, he had gathered sufficient support from devotees and fellow Buddhists to go ahead with the renovation project.
In 1984 after an extensive renovation at the cost of RM450,000, the Chor Fah was finally raised for the second time by His Royal Highness Prince Somdetch Phraborom Orasatiraj Sayamma Kutrachkuman. The first Chor Fah raising ceremony was graciously performed by his father King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand some 24 years ago.
Phrakhru Sophitchariyaphorn, charisma, generosity and simplistic character always leave lasting impact on the minds of those who comes into contact with him.  In recognition of his dedicated service to the Sanana, he was conferred the title Phra Kru Sophitchariyaphorn by His Majesty the King of Thailand on 16th December 1998, with jurisdiction over all Thai temples in the State of Selangor. Later he was conferred the title (Chao Khun) Phra Sophitchariyaporn by His Majesty, The King of Thailand, King Bhumibol, in conjunction with His Majesty's 87th birthday on 5th December 2014.

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