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(2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. I can’t remember if I ever saw the 1981 Endless Love. That was the one with Brooke Shields and the pretty boy stranded on an island? [Checks IMDb.] Ah, no, it’s the other sensational teen sexfest of the era starring Brooke Shields. Which sounds nothing like the new movie of the same title, or the Scott Spencer novel they’re both allegedly based on, beyond the names of the characters. Why not just make a new movie and find a sappy new title for it? I don’t think the name recognition attached to “Endless Love” is all that strong, and what there is is likely mostly negative.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. Mysteries of its provenance aside, this new Endless Love is shockingly not terrible. Oh, for certain it’s ridiculous, yet not entirely unaffecting, and it’s melodramatic, but not unpleasantly so. It’s also, for a teen romance of the moment, rather sweetly demure. The problems of rich white people may not amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world, but for an inoffensive little movie, it says some things that need to be said more often by inoffensive little movies, like how dads do not own their teenaged daughters, and how teenaged daughters deserve to decide for themselves just what sort of lives they want. That shouldn’t sound so radical, and yet it does.

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(2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. I might have been more kindly disposed toward the film before I sat down to watch it had I realized it’s from writer-director Shana Feste, who has made two other interesting melodramas about women, The Greatest and Country Strong — though both of those are juicier than this one, which is surprising considering that her cowriter here is Joshua Safran, who writes for the salacious TV series Gossip Girl. This is the sort of movie in which, when David Elliot (Alex Pettyfer: Magic Mike, In Time) says, “I watched her through all of high school,” it doesn’t even sound stalkerish. “Her” is Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde: Carrie, The Three Musketeers), now that they’ve finally just graduated, he has a chance to make a move. Oh, it’s not that he couldn’t before, it’s just that he’s pretty shy, and she’s been kind of a loner since her beloved older brother died. It’s all been very tragic.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. Now, they’re supposed to be graduating in the Class of 2014, but the movie has to be making that up — that cannot be a thing, because it would mean they were born in 1997, which is just silly. (This website was born in 1997. People can’t have been born then.) And Wilde and Pettyfer look every inch the 20somethings they are. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t actually guffaw out loud when Jade proclaims to her father — who has dug up some “dirt” on David because he objects to the teens’ relationship — “I don’t care about his past.” I mean, he’s supposed to be 17, 18; his past is not yet in the past. But the contentious to-ing and fro-ing with Dad (Bruce Greenwood: Star Trek Into Darkness, Flight) is worth it for her other (not dead) older brother’s (Rhys Wakefield: After the Dark, The Purge) choice summation of Jade’s standing up to her father and his unreasonable demands that she break up with David: “Jade just became a woman,” he says with snarky pride.

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(2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. It’s just a little thing, really, but it looms large. Dad needs to learn that Jade’s life is her own — Mom (Joely Richardson: Red Lights, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) is trying to get it through his thick overprotective skull, but it’s hard going. And Jade needs to learn this as well. Endless Love really isn’t much about a teenaged romance, per se, but about a young woman taking control of her own destiny. This is so much Jade’s story that it only just barely squeaks by passing a reverse Bechdel Test: there is hardly ever a moment here in which two men — also including David’s father (Robert Patrick: Identity Thief, Identity Thief) — talking to each other onscreen aren’t discussing Jade. She is the center of attention, she gets what she wants, and wonder of wonders, she isn’t even punished for it! It’s hard to imagine that her passion for David, and his for her, will endure forever, or even for long — though maybe it will, too — but it’s equally hard to imagine that she will suffer for it, either.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. Look, I’m not saying this is an especially good movie. But if I had a teenaged daughter, I wouldn’t be worried about her picking up any terrible ideas about a girl’s or woman’s place in the world from it, like I would with a lot of other films aimed at teenaged girls. I might make her father watch it, too.

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(2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. A remake of the eponymous 1981 film, Endless Love details the sultry, forbidden romance that ensues between two teenagers (Alex Pettyfer's David and Gabriella Wilde's Jade) over the course of one long summer - with Jade's father, Hugh (Bruce Greenwood), providing the most vocal opposition to the unlikely pairing. It's an almost excessively conventional premise that is, at the outset, employed to surprisingly agreeable effect, as filmmaker Shana Feste has infused the proceedings with an unabashedly soapy feel that's generally quite difficult to resist. The movie's lush atmosphere is heightened and perpetuated by the various performances, and although Pettyfer makes for the least convincing teenager since Ian Ziering, the palpable chemistry between the two leads goes a long way towards sustaining the easygoing, affable vibe.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. (It doesn't hurt, either, that Greenwood's role is much, much bigger than one might've anticipated, with the actor's typically engrossing performance generally holding his character's more overtly one-dimensional attributes at bay.) It's only as the protagonists are predictably torn apart that Endless Love begins to lose its already-tenuous grip on the viewer, with Feste and Joshua Safran's screenplay tossing in everything but the kitchen sink in an effort to keep things going - which consequently does mute the impact of the movie's uplifting, romantic finale. The end result is a relentlessly erratic remake that certainly could have been worse, all things considered, and yet it's ultimately clear that the film overstays its welcome to a degree that's nothing short of disastrous.

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(2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. From the very first moment Shana Feste’s Endless Love begins, it becomes apparent we’re going to be in for a cliched, unsubtle romantic drama. We see a brooding Gabriella Wilde, looking solemn as Alex Pettyfer narrates “She’s in a crowded place, but inside she’s lonely”. Okay, I’m paraphrasing somewhat, but you get the picture. Sadly such an approach is unrelenting from there on, and the worst aspect of all is the perturbing title. Endless Love? It feels like it. Pettyfer plays David, a shrewd electrician who believes in the notion of love – particularly when he falls in love with the introverted, seemingly timorous Jade (Wilde), who spends much of her time alone following the untimely death of her older brother. As the pair start dating, Jade’s forbidding and uncompromising father (Bruce Greenwood) is less than happy about the relationship, as he doesn’t want Jade to be distracted from her fledging medical career. However despite his best efforts, the pair are completely infatuated with one other, and will do whatever they can to ensure that remains the case.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. The characters are highly undeveloped too, and although this is a character study of these two star-crossed lovers, we know so little about them. Pettyfer is the weak link, even if his “I’m angry” face is consistently amusing. Probably more so than the face he’s pulling reading through this review, anyway. The one redeeming aspect is actually Greenwood, who is not only the finest performer (as Jade’s dad, Hugh) but the way in which he protects his daughter, and fears losing her, is initially well-handled. That said, it eventually plays out as theatrically and immoderately as the rest of the picture, but there is some depth to it at least – which is more than can be said of the relationship the entire film hinges on. To be honest, t’s difficult not to take Hugh’s side in the argument. If my daughter was dating an overtly sentimental, personality-free kid (who looks a lot older than 18 years old) – I wouldn’t want him to stick around for much longer, either. Meanwhile, Dayo Okeniyi provides some light relief as David’s best friend Mace, yet he’s not in the film nearly enough.

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(2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. The film is relentlessly mawkish and unashamedly predictable, following a horribly contrived formula that has grown so tired in contemporary cinema. Some of the one-liners are so cliched, that you can barely believe they’re being spoken out loud in a film that isn’t a parody. There are some moments that are genuinely hilarious, when it’s rather clear they’re not supposed to be. The film is all about the celebration of love and how it prevails, and yet it makes a solitary life of celibacy seem rather tempting. You end up hating love, life, and everything happy in between. The thing is, of course this picture is not aimed at an older, male audience – and you have to consider the fact that a younger crowd may well get on board with the idealistic romanticism on show, and enjoy the melodramatic nature of the production. However that still doesn’t excuse what is an excruciatingly maudlin piece of cinema. The tagline to this title is “Say goodbye to innocence”, but the only thing you’re truly saying goodbye to, is two hours of your precious time.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. It would seem that Hollywood isn't content with just rehashing and updating classic horror and science fiction movies. Apparently, not even the time-honored genre of the romance is safe from the unforgiving remake trend, as evidenced by Country Strong director Shana Feste's new version of the early eighties classic Endless Love. Endless Love stars Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) as David Elliot, a young boy who has had a crush on the shy but beautiful Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde from Carrie, another useless remake) for all four years of high school. After the graduation ceremony, he finally works up the nerve to approach her, and his interest in her is reciprocated. David not only charms Jade, but her mother, Anne (Event Horizon's Joely Richardson), and brother, Keith (Rhys Wakefield from +1 and The Purge), appear to like him as well. The only holdout is Jade's Father, Hugh (Star Trek's Bruce Greenwood), who believes that his daughter is throwing her life away by hanging out with David. Hugh makes it obvious that he does not approve of the youngsters' relationship, but just how far will he go to break them up?

Watch Endless Love Online (2014) Or Download Endless Love Movie Free. Endless Love is just bad. From the very first scene, which features Alex Pettyfer philosophizing in voiceover as his character watches Jade from across a crowded grassy quad, to the last frame, which is punctuated by Gabriella Wilde chiming in with her own shallow voiceover that the viewer more than half expects to finish with the phrase " an Endless Love," the film is a tedious experience. There are moments of tension, mostly related to the daddy-daughter feud over David, and there are a few instances of high drama, usually centered on unresolved feelings that the family has over Jade's dead brother, but even these sections are predictable and stale. The audience is subjected to characters that are unsympathetic, situations that are too real to be entertaining, and a stereotypical central conflict with no real controversy, all wrapped up in a generic alt-rock soundtrack. Endless Love has the feel of an afterschool special, but isn't even compelling enough to succeed at that; it's a teen movie that doesn't even appeal to teens.

Download Endless Love Movie (2014) Or Watch Endless Love Online Free. The screenplay for Endless Love, written by director Shana Feste and Joshua Safran ("Gossip Girl"), is, at best, an "inspired by" treatment of Scott Spencer's brilliant but grim novel. It takes everything that was interesting about the book (and subsequently, the original film) and ignores it, turning the story into a whitewashed and lukewarm Hallmark T.V. movie. What audiences are left with is, well, a typical romance movie, and one that isn't particularly romantic. The characters are simple archetypes - the misunderstood boy, the introverted girl, the overprotective father - that don't do any favors for the weak and transparent storyline. In addition, the dialogue ranges from mediocre to cringe-worthy in its attempts to be both hip and thoughtful. There is so much raw emotion in the source material, yet the screenplay for Endless Love misses these opportunities. The script is one big dropped ball.