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Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) is the daughter of Charles Kingsleigh (Marton Csokas), a wealthy man who planned to seek out winning delivery routes through the global within the 19th century. Then again, a few years afterward, Charles has gave up the ghost, and Alice misses his playful attitude.

Now feeling trapped in an international of proper etiquette for one corresponding to herself, Alice is taken to a garden party, the place it's was hoping that she will accept a marriage notion from Hamish (Leo Bill), the son of one among her father's trade partners. However, Alice quickly grows distracted seeing a rabbit with a waistcoat local, and rushes after the strange creature.

Following it, she reveals her method to the trunk of an antique tree some ways off, and falls down a hole. The opening leads her to a peculiar room, of which she reveals a key, in addition to a drink that makes her smaller, and a cake that increases her size. Upon getting the necessary thing and shrinking down to make use of a small door, she soon reveals herself in a huge lawn area.

Quickly after, she comes around the White Rabbit (Michael Sheen), in addition to the Dormouse (Barbara Windsor), a Dodo chook (Michael Gough), and the Tweedles (Matt Lucas). The White Rabbit explains that may be positive he has discovered the best Alice this time, even as the Dormouse believes he is mistaken. Alice explains that her name is Alice, however feels they are searching for every other "Alice." They take her to Abosolom the Caterpillar (Alan Rickman), who consults a scroll, which comprises main points in regards to the historical past of Wonderland, from it's delivery onward. The scroll claims that on the Frabbulous Day, Alice will return to slay the Jabberwocky. Alice sees this, and adamants that she is not the person in the scroll, when a commotion breaks out, and the Knave of Hearts (Crispin Glover) seems, in conjunction with a few crimson-carded infantrymen and a creature called a Bandersnatch. Everybody scatters, because the Knave takes the scroll, and captures the Dodo bird. Alice, while faced with the Bandersnatch, stands her ground, sure that it is just a dream. On the opposite hand, the creature scratches her, and Alice takes to the air operating, however not earlier than the Dormouse plucks out one of the creature's eyes.

Many ways off, Alice encounters the Tweedles again, who attempt to lend a hand her, but are soon captured through an enormous chook that takes them to the Purple Queen's castle. On the fortress, the Knave of Hearts informs the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) concerning the scroll, and the prophecy of Alice killing the Jabberwocky (of which she possesses). The Purple Queen orders Alice to be found, and the Knave makes use of a bloodhound named Bayard (Timothy Spall) to trace her down, promising freedom for Bayard's wife and puppies (a lie, intended so that you can get the dog to lend a hand the Pink Queen).

Meanwhile, Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), who leads her to the Mad Hatter's position, where she encounters the Dormouse once more, as neatly as the March Hare (Paul Whitehouse). The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is pleased to peer Alice, and is in rapture over the approaching Frabbulous day during which she goes to slay the Jabberwocky. Alice once more insists she isn't 'that Alice,' when the Knave of Hearts and Bayard close in. The Hatter stuffs Alice into a teapot, to cover her from the Knave. In mystery, the Dormouse scolds the dog for bringing the Knave there, however Bayard explains why he came. He then attempts to guide the Knave off in a distinct direction.

After they have left, the Hatter walks Alice in the course of the local woods, the place they come across the burned ruins of a small village. The Hatter then explains to Alice approximately how in the time she used to be long past, the Crimson Queen has taken over Wonderland, banishing the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) to her own domain, and taking her vorpal sword.

As they talk, the Knave again approaches, and the Hatter places Alice on his hat, and flings it throughout a river, giving himself up to the Knave, who takes him to the Purple Queen. Afterward, Bayard reveals the hat and Alice. Alice manages to persuade Bayard to take her to the Purple Queen's fortress, to rescue the Hatter. Together with the hat, they find their means there, the place Alice encounters the White Rabbit assisting with a sport of croquet with the Purple Queen. Alice requests to be made higher (she continues to be the dimensions of a gerbil), and the rabbit provides her a cake. Alternatively, she eats too much and ends up virtually 10 ft tall, disrupting the croquet game. The Queen does not recognize Alice, who says she is from Umbridge, and needs to help the Queen. The Queen, impressed via the dimensions of Alice's head, proclaims her to be made part of her royal courtroom, and provides her the identify "Um."

The Hatter is brought earlier than the Queen and Alice, and is to get started with intended to be beheaded. On the other hand, the Hatter manages to stall for time, via requesting that he make the Queen a hat for her monumental head. Flattered by means of the attention, she offers into this request. Alice soon after finds out that the vorpal sword is on the grounds of the fortress, however is locked away in a chest in the quarters of the Bandersnatch. After buying the plucked eye from the Dormouse (who has broken into the fortress to loose the Hatter), Alice manages to move back the attention to the creature. This permits her to realize get admission to to the sword. Alice is going to the Hatter's room, and reveals the Dormouse there. Then again, the Knave of Hearts shows up in a while, and whilst the Dormouse we could slip Alice's actual identify, he attempts to kill her. Alice manages to flee into the courtyard, the place the Bandersnatch helps her escape from the castle. Bayard also accompanies her, as they head for the White Queen's castle.

The Purple Queen then orders that the Hatter and the Dormouse be carried out the next day. Then again, the Cheshire Cat makes use of his trickery to take on the guise of the Hatter, and allows the Hatter, Dormouse, the White Rabbit, the Tweedles, and Bayard's family to escape. They all soon meet up at the White Queen's citadel, the place the Queen has used her potions wisdom to cut back Alice to commonplace size.

Day after today then dawns...the Frabbulous day. Virtually individuals are prepared to take up arms for the White Queen. Alternatively, she hopes that Alice will satisfy the prophecy, but Alice rushes off to the Queen's lawn, still upset over everyone pushing her into this task. It's there she encounters Absolom, cocooning himself. It's here that Absolom explains to Alice how she had been to Wonderland before, and suddenly, all of it comes back to her, that what she idea at the start used to be a dream used to be real. After her revelation, Alice dons the armor ready for her by the White Queen, and takes up the vorpal sword.

Each the White Queen and the Crimson Queen meet on a checkerboard field. Both Queens meet first, with the White Queen asking her sister not to do battle, however the Purple Queen refuses to provide into the pacification of her sister's plea. The White Queen brings forth Alice as their 'champion,' because the Crimson Queen' summons the Jabberwocky. As Alice faces off with the creature, the remainder of the armies move to war. Alice performs a mindgame with herself, talking of 6 unbelievable things. In her mindgame, she manages to seek out the power to slay the Jabberwocky. The Pink Queen calls for that her subjects kill Alice, however as the White Queen's champion has slayed that of the Red Queen, the Purple Queen's topics will not follow her commands.

The White Queen orders the Purple Queen banished to the Outlands, for the crimes that she has committed (because of a the White Queen's vow not to hurt a dwelling creature, she won't kill her sister), with noone to offer her sympathy. The Knave of Hearts may be chained to her, as punishment as well. On the opposite hand, the thought of being alone with the Queen reasons him to try to kill her, sooner than his dagger is taken from him by means of the Hatter.

After the Pink Queen and the Knave are taken away, the White Queen's army rejoices, with the Hatter doing a Fudderwupping dance, so much to the pride of everyone. The White Queen then collects one of the most Jabberwocky's blood, and gives it to Alice. The blood of the Jabberwocky permits Alice to go back to her international, and he or she returns to the Garden Party.

Alice then explains to Hamish that she can not settle for his idea, as neatly as speaks her thoughts to plenty of other household and acquaintances. Her forthright perspective catches the eye of Hamish's father, and soon, the two talk about plans to increase the transport routes to China, a land that has not but been opened to the west.

Alice is then made an apprentice to the company, and sets off with a workforce to open the delivery path to China, aboard a boat titled "Wonder."