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INI-WAG Kit : Conditions for use

WAG is provided under a CC-by-nc-sa license. It is free for all non commercial use, in particular governance and management in developing countries, and environmental education by public institutions and NGOS.

For commercial uses, exploitation licences can be granted (contact us).

We offer regular training sessions, as well as support for standard use of WAG games or implementation of specific projects for our registered users.   

"All-in-one" WAG kit bags are
now available for sale. They contain material for developing your own games, as well as INI-WAG ready-to-use game cards. The prices (excluding WAT and shipping) are the following :
- standard price is 50 euros.
- reduced price is 35 euros for partners, NGOs, developping countries insititutions, etc.
- sponsorship price is 70 euros - you will get your INI-WAG kit and we will be able to provide one freely to someone who cannot afford it.

It is possible to download INI-WAG files, tutorials and description and make your own kit for free, provided you have register as a WAG community member