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WAG and its family

WAG is a free and open platform and toolbox for participatory water management games development.
The WAG platform offers different tools for different levels of use

Ready-to-use introductory Games

  • Ini-WAG is a simple abstract game for a general audience. It allows to explore general aspects of water usages and sharing without getting into discussion about specific details. 
  • MyRiverKit is a simple generic game that aims at exploring and analyzing river dynamics & protection with all kind of public.

  • Games creation 
  • Games creation with WAG is based on a set of configurable bricks and has been formalized in the Crea-WAG methodology, which guides you into creating and manage your own WAG application with a group.
  • Physical kits containing material for WAG games development and turnkey games are available.

    We have started listing propositions for representing different phenomenons and issues with WAG in a FAQ .

    Specific WAG applications

    Our WAG-LIB allows to explore the various applications that have been developped with WAG on local cases. it contains finalized applications as well as work prototypes created during training sessions.

    Finalized WAG applications are listed below (contact us for more details) :
    • L'eau En Jeu  : box with 2 generic games (river basin and house) for pedagogical applications
    • L'eau en Têt : box with 4 pedagogical games (different scales and issues) about the Tet river in South of France
    • Waste-WAG : finalised game about sanitation issues in Senegal
    • Au fil de la Meuse : finalised board game about floods and drought management in the French Meuse basin
    • Mpan'Game : finalised game about water quality issues in the Mpanga river catchment in Northern Uganda 
    • CappWag : evaluation of individual and collective capabilities for collective management of a water body with a generic abstract game

    Related computer tools

    Even though WAG is an haptic device, we work on developing related computer support tools  : 
    • INFO-WAG captures and values knowledge from CREA-WAG and COOPLAN
    • Inter-WAG lets you edit your WAG-kits and models online
    • Ana-WAG is used to create multi-agent simulation of a WAG model