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WAG and its family

WAG is a free and open platform and toolbox for water management games development.
The WAG platform offers different tools for different levels of use:
  • Ini-WAG is a simple abstract and quick game for a general audience. It allows to explore general aspects of water usages and sharing without getting into discussion about specific details.
  • Crea-WAG finally consists of a methodological booklet and blank bricks to guide you into creating and manage your own WAG application with a group.
  • WAG-LIB proposes out-of-the-box games on examplary local cases with a given scenario. It allows to understand and discuss water stakes through the experience of a concrete simplified case. 
  • INFO-WAG captures and values knowledge from CREA-WAG and COOPLAN
  • Inter-WAG lets you edit your WAG-kits and models online
  • Ana-WAG is used to create multi-agent simulation of a WAG model