*Cooplaage tools

Coupling innovative tools for sharing change in socio-environmental systems

CoOPLAaGE is a an integrated set (suite) of participatory methods, tools and protocols designed to support all stakeholders’ groups, from citizens to policy makers, in discussing and engaging really into change strategies in socio-environmental systems, through participatory…

…design of an acceptable decision procedure (PrePar)

…modeling of the joint situation (WAG)

…framing of shared social justice principles (Just-A-Grid)

…simulation (role playing game) of change’ pathways (WAG)

…planning to build coherent action plans (Cooplan)

…evaluation of the process and outcomes (Encore-Me)

…implementation pathway.

Other tools include SMAG for participatory assesment of past governance and ROCK for participatory observation

A recent link on a pre-experiment.

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