Building and Installing Wasp Lisp Under Unix

The following instructions should work on Linux and other Unix-likes with sane GNU build environments..  The assumption is made that you are familiar with your OS's terminal and shell; if not, you may want to avoid Wasp Lisp for now..

First, make sure you have GCC, GNU Make, LD, and the other raft of tools required by GNU Autoconf, otherwise this will be a short build.  If you are doing this under Windows NT, you can use Cygwin for this.  (For MinGW, see "Building Wasp Lisp Under MinGW.")  Unlike Mosquito, Wasp does not require another Lisp interpreter to build -- a precompiled version of the Wasp Lisp compiler is included with the source.  Then, run the following command to start the build:

$ make

This should cause a tremendous amount of spam, and, after a bit of gluing, you should return to your prompt.   Next, you can test the REPL before you install:

$ make repl

If all things go well, you should see the Wasp ">>" prompt, where you can type (exit) to return to your shell.  Finally, you can install Wasp using:

$ sudo make install

After answering a few over-explained questions, you should be able to enter the REPL using:

$ wasp

Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any problems.