Wasp Lisp Releases 

This site contains released packages of source and executables associated with the Wasp Lisp project.  For more information about Wasp, see the "Wasp Lisp Developments" blog.  While Wasp is derived from MOSVM and Mosquito Lisp, it is not a product of Ephemeral Security, LLC; all comments made here are the responsibility of Scott W. Dunlop.

Instructions for Building and Running Wasp: 

File Releases -- Wasp 0.4.1:

Other File Releases Related to Wasp:

Mentions of Wasp and Mosquito / MOSREF / MOSVM History: 

  • "MOSREF 2.0 Beta 3 Documentation" -- Most of this is outdated and incorrect for Wasp, but Wasp's manual is in a very preliminary state.  (And not derived from this documentation, due to unclear licensing of the MOSREF Documentation).
  • "HITB 2006 -- Wes Brown on MOSREF" -- A video documenting the last public demonstration of MOSREF before Ephemeral Security disappeared.  Of historical interest, only, Wasp does not incorporate the MOSREF security suite.
  • "Black Hat and White Hat Hacking with Lisp" -- Bill Clementson's synopsis in summer 2006 of Ephemeral Security's MOSREF project.

  • "MOSREF: A Boon or Bane???" -- CS Shyam Sundar also mentioning the incipient MOSREF 2.0 talks in summer 2006.  MOSREF made quite a few people curious, from both the Lisp and the Security sides of the fence.