Cars & Coffee 27 April 2013

First time seen: a Kaiser Darrin, "the first production fiberglass sports car in the USA, beating the Corvette to market by one month."

"Featured a unique 'pocket door' design that made the doors slide into the fender of the car. Only 435 were made for the 1954 model year."

First time seen: the Rambo Lambo. "Only 301 of these LM002 monster machines were built. The last 60 of the series were called LM/American and was introduced at the 1992 Detroit Auto Show. The LM/American had special badging, stripes, upgraded interior, group effects, chrome front and rear bumpers and MSW / OZ Racing alloy wheels." Lamborghini Registry

First time seen: a RHD Nissan Skyline, archetype Q-car. There was a Mercury Marauder nearby, but it is such a sleeper I didn't even think to take a photo.

The previously seen Austin-Healey.

die Blauen

Instagram pick

High school favorite, the XR4Ti.

Stealth Corvette.

Triumph GT 6+.

One of three Alfas present.