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WASOT-UK has developed from THE WANANGWE SCHOOL AND ORPHANAGE TRUST FUND (WASOT) which was formed in December 2000 to support the work of Hezron Mc'Obewa with Aids orphans in his home area of Western Kenya. Hezron went to Victoria College for A level then studied medicine at Nottingham University, supported by another Jersey trust. He qualified in July 2003.

It was during a research project as part of his course in June 2000 that he realised the extent of the problem of Aids. He initially helped a small group of orphans, but this has rapidly grown.
Now he is executive director of the OGRA Foundation, which is a large NGO registered in Kenya and all funds raised by WASOT-UK are sent through this organisation.

The range of activities run by OGRA include a clinic with 33 beds in the local village, an outreach programme supplying ARV drugs for AIDs patients, an orphan feeding programme, support for young people into secondary school and a range of other programmes
More details are on the website www.ografoundation.org.

In December 2008, OGRA opened a hotel with 18 rooms in a quiet suburb of Kisumu. It is hoped that profits from this venture will support other OGRA activities. It also provides an outlet for the produce of widows and orphans group. You can find out more about the hotel at www.lesavannacountrylodge.com.

WASOT-UK is a Jersey based charity, member number 337 of the Association of Jersey charities and NPO 0161.  It is recognised by the Comptroller of Income tax so it can claim an extra 25% from lump sum donations of £100 or more or on 5 year covenants.  For more Contact us.

There is also a U.K. charity called WASOT-UK, charity number 1103245, which also supports Hezron through the OGRA Foundation and has a separate set of officers.