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Dr. John Wason
PO Box 669
Tuxedo, NY 10987
(518) 279-6234

Highlights of Qualification

  • Four degrees in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Five years as a graduate student researcher at the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems
  • Collaboration with state and national laboratories along with private industry
  • Summer Internships during 2004 and 2005 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California working for NASA on advance simulations and system design
  • Numerous conference and journal publications on a wide range of topics


  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering, graduated December 2011
  • Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Graduated 2007, GPA 3.83/4.00
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Double Degree, Graduated May 2006, GPA 3.72/4.00

Research and Work Experience

  • Center for Automation Technologies and Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, March 2006 – June 2012
  • Telerobotics Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, Summers of 2004 and 2005
  • Mechatronics Research Laboratory, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, February 2003 – March 2006

Please see portfolio for descriptions of research projects


  • System Design: Design of complex multidisciplinary automatic and robotic systems
  • Programming Languages: C#, C++, VB, Java, Python, MATLAB, Perl, PHP, NVIDIA CUDA
  • Embedded Systems: Computer interface and dynamic control applications
  • CAD: SolidWorks Solid Modeling Software, Mastercam
  • Modeling/Control: Extensive experience in control design using MATLAB/Simulink
  • Electronics: Analog/Digital circuit design, VHDL, microcontroller integration
  • Computer maintenance: Software, Hardware, and network experience in Linux, OpenBSD, and Windows
  • Microfabrication: Spin coating, contact alignment, Deep RIE, wet bench
  • Distributed systems: Design and programming of complex systems involving numerous computers and computational modules
  • Computer Vision and associated optics


  • Private pilot certified for VFR flight, halfway through IFR training, total 80 hours flight time
  • SCUBA diver, certified Advanced Open Water by PADI
  • Rensselaer Student Judicial Board Member Spring 2008 to Fall 2009
  • Undergraduate Conductor and trumpet player in the Campus Serenaders Swing Band, 2005-2006
  • Member Eta Kappa Nu and Pi Tau Sigma

Selected Publications

J.D. Wason, J.T. Wen, J.J. Gorman, N.G. Dagalakis, “Automated Multi-Probe Microassembly using Vision Feedback,” IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 28, no. 5, October 2012.

J. D. Wason, W. T. Gressick, J. T.-Y. Wen, J. J. Gorman, and N. G. Dagalakis, “Multi-probe micro-assembly,” in Third Annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Scottsdale, AZ, 2007.

J. D. Wason, W. T. Gressick, J. T.-Y. Wen, J. J. Gorman, and N. G. Dagalakis, “Multiprobe microassembly experimental testbed,” in International Conference on Micromanufacturing, Pittsburg, PA, 2008.

J.D. Wason, W. Gressick, J.T.-Y. Wen, K. Morgan, J. Heald, and S. Mueller, “Model-based control of a high-temperature crystal growth process,” in Fourth Annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Washington D.C., 2008.

H. Bai, K.D. Chapin, J.D. Wason,  and J.T. Wen, “Experimental verification of formation control with distributed cameras,” in 48th IEEE conference on Decision and Control, Shanghai, China, 2009.

J.D. Wason, J.T.-Y. Wen, Y.M. Choi, J.J. Gorman, and N.G. Dagalakis, “Vision Guided Multi-Probe Assembly of 3D Microstructures,” in IEEE/RSJ International  Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010.

Elsabee KA; Wason JD; Boyle J; Nazarian R; Wen JT; Carl AL; Ledet EH. Adjacent Level Changes in the Entire Thoracolumbar Spine Following Surgical Intervention as Measured Using a Novel In Vivo/In Vitro Active/Passive Robotic Simulator.  Proceedings of the 25th Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society. October, 2010:182.

Elsabee KA, Wason JD, Boyle J, Nazarian R, Wen JT, Carl AL, Ledet EH. Adjacent Level Effects: A Novel In Vivo/In Vitro Active/Passive Protocol for Assessing Redistribution of Motion of the Entire Thoracolumbar Spine Following Surgical Intervention. The Albany Medical College Orthopaedic Journal, 2010; 2:32-9.

J.D. Wason, J.T-Y. Wen, and N.G. Dagalakis, “Dextrous Manipulation of a Micropart with Multiple Complaint Probes through Visual Force Feedback,” in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Shanghai, China, 2011.

J.D. Wason, J.T-Y. Wen, “Robot Raconteur: A communication architecture and library for robotic and automation systems,” in Seventh Annual IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Trieste, Italy, 2011.

Elsabee KA; Wason JD; Boyle J; Nazarian R; Wen JT; Carl AL; Ledet EH. An In Vivo/In Vitro Active/Passive Simulator to Quantify 3D Kinematics of the Thoracolumbar Spine. Accepted to the Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Hartford, CT. October, 2011.


John Wason, John Wen, Alexey Khodjakon, and Valentin Magidson, “Active lighting control for live cell imaging marker tracking,” provisional patent filed July 13, 2010.

John Wason, John Wen, Jason Gorman, and Nicholas Dagalakis, “Probe-based High Precision Oirentation Control and Assembly of Parts for Microassembly using Computer Vision”, provisional patent filed May 2011.