Laboratory Judging

The event should begin as close as possible to the time indicated on the event schedule (or times teams have signed up for sign-up events).
  1. It is inevitable that given distances, especially at large colleges, that some students might not make it to an event before the start time. You should not delay the start of a test period because someone is coming, but you should allow for students to come in 5-10 minutes late. However, students arriving late should not be given extra time as make-up for late arrival.
  2. In the rare event (such as last minute room changes) where one group of teams being examined gets less than a normal amount of time to perform their tasks, all subsequent testing must be limited to the same amount of time.
  3. Never allow coaches, other teams, or spectators to view activities as information could be passed onto others who are yet to compete.
  4. Be sure to have each team fill out the Student Sign-in Sheet prior to starting the event (must legibly include school name, number, and all participating students’ names).
  5. If an event requires personal safety equipment to be used, Do not allow students to compete without the proper safety equipment. (Students may go back to their homeroom to get the required equipment, but will not get extra time to make up for being late.) If students do not return, they will be ranked as a no-show. (see "Penalties" section of this guideline.)
  6. Check that only materials allowed by the rules are brought in by the students, and that they meet the required specifications.
  7. Students may not use cell phones in any capacity during the event. Be sure to announce prior to the start of the event that students must either turn them off and put them away or turn in their phones – to be returned at the conclusion of the event.
  8. Enforce time limits so that all teams get the same amount of time at each available station or experiment.
  9. If equipment or stations are shared, make certain all components are returned to the initial state.
  10. Teams should be periodically notified of the amount of time remaining in the event.
  11. Once judging begins, if a student leaves the testing room for any reason, he/she cannot return.
  12. All activities must begin and end on time. Do not give them any extra time as this could make a student late for their next event.
If you believe a team should be disqualified for activity during an event, make certain you identify the correct school and team number. Politely tell the team why you are disqualifying them. Document the exact nature of the disqualification and notify a score counselor or tournament director immediately so the school coach can be informed.