We hope your experience helping with the Science Olympiad tournament is positive. We truly appreciate your volunteering and providing your valuable insight and assistance to Washington’s students. We are providing you with this website to introduce you to the Science Olympiad process.  The events in Science Olympiad are significantly different from tests given in a typical school setting,  If you are new to Science Olympiad start with the page "Introduction to Science Olympiad" before proceeding to your specific event. Each event will direct you to general guidelines for preparing, proctoring, and scoring events at Science Olympiad competitions.

Most of the students put in many hours of additional work over and above their normal course work to prepare for Science Olympiad.  Since the tests are not returned to the students, we want to ensure that they are prepared, implemented, and graded as fairly as possible.  The guidelines put forth here come from years of experience in developing events at Science Olympiad tournaments.  We ask that you look them over closely so that both you and the students have a great experience with Science Olympiad.

WA State Science Olympiad Web Site: http://washingtonscienceolympiad.com/

National Science Olympiad Web Site: http://soinc.org/