Michael E. Marotta: Curriculum Vitae

 Curriculum Vitae

Michael E. Marotta

6800 West Gate Boulevard #132-227

Austin, Texas 78745-4868

Telephone: 734-223-9054

Email: mmarotta@emich.edu

Website Necessary Facts: necessaryfacts.blogspot.com

Website: CSI: Flint (2011) CSIFlint2011.blogspot.com

Website:  Intentional Privacy Intentional.Privacy.com

Website:  Washtenaw Justice https://sites.google.com/site/washtenawjustice/


Master of Arts, Social Science, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan. April 2010.

Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, Criminology (Administration), Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan.  April 2008.

Associate in Arts with High Honors, Criminal Justice, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  April 2007.

Associate of Arts, General Studies, Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan. March 1982.

Literary Awards

2003.  Roethke Award, Michigan State Numismatic Society, for “Copper Owls: The Emergency Coinage of Athens.”

2002.  George Heath Literary Award Second Place, American Numismatic Association, for “Sir Isaac Newton: Warden and Master of the British Royal Mint.”

2000.  Annual Literary Award, Women in Numismatics, for “The Origins of Coinage.”

1995.  George Heath Literary Award First Place, American Numismatic Association, for “A New Look at the Origins of Coinage.”


The Code Book, 3rd edition, Loompanics Unlimited, Port Townsend, Washington, 1987.

Space Colonization: An Annotated Bibliography, Loompanics Unlimited, Port Townsend, Washington, 1979. 

Academic Publications

Bradford S. Wade and Michael E. Marotta, “Review of Astronomical Symbols on Ancient and Medieval Coins,” Bulletin of the Society for the History of Astronomy, Issue 21, Spring 2011. 

Michael E. Marotta, “The Wrongful Conviction of Arthur Andersen LLC,” Internet Journal of Criminology © 2011 ISSN 2045-6743 (Online)

Michael E. Marotta, “Review of The Invention of Enterprise,” Libertarian Papers 3, 15 (2011). The Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn University.


“Of Owls, Wooden Walls, and Flower Girls,” http://www.coin-newbies.com/articles/ owls.pdf and http://www.limunltd.com/numismatica/articles/athenian-owls.html (24 Jul 1994) in 4Es: Ethics, Engineering, Economics and Environment by John St. J. S. Buckeridge, Sydney: The Federation Press, 2011. (Quoted without citation.)

Quoted on computer hacking in “A sociology of hackers,” Sociological Review Vol: 46 Issue: 4 (11/1998) by Tim Jordan and Paul Taylor; and in Hackers: Crime in the Digital Sublime by Paul Taylor, London: Routledge, 1999; and in Hacking: Digital Media and Technological Determinism by Tim Jordan, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2008.

“The Voice of Classical Greek,” The Celator, Vol. 10, no. 1, January 1996, in Ancient Coin Collecting, Volume 1, Iola, Wisconsin: Krause Publications, 1996, 2002.

“Some Questions on the Origins of Coinage,” Classical Numismatic Review, Vol. 19, no. 3, p. 3 in “The Birth of Coinage” by Robert A. Mundell, Columbia University Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series, New York: 2002.

“Some Questions on the Origins of Coinage,” Classical Numismatic Review, Vol. 19, no. 3, p. 3. in International Trade: A Network Approach by Bernard C. Beaudreau, iUniverse, 2002. 

 Periodical Publications (partial list)

Author of over 300 newspaper, magazine and journal articles on topics of business, technology, and society.


“Myths and Realities of Private Investigation,” Northwest Michigan Business News, February 2004.

“Local Money: Plan for Homegrown Currency Has a Rich Past,” Northern Express, Traverse City, Michigan, November 13, 2003.

“Financing Musical Theatre: The ‘Dough’ Behind ‘Do-Re-Mi’,” New Mexico Business Journal, February 1, 2003.

“Phone wars: will mavericks profit from the cellular shootout?” New Mexico Business Journal, November 1, 2002.

“Small Airports: Crimped by Costs and Pinched by Prosperity,” Great Lakes Pilots News, June/July 1998.

“Rapid Development Team,” Midnight Engineering, Rocky Flats, Colorado, March 1994.

“Instructing Your Clients,” Midnight Engineering, Rocky Flats, Colorado, May/June 1993.

“Property Rights in Cyberspace,” Loompanics Annual Catalog, Port Townsend, Washington, March 1993.

“Can-do Service,”NADGUG Focus, Austin, Texas, February 1993.

“Quality,” (Four-part series), Greater Lansing Business Monthly, March 1989-June 1989.

 Computers and Technologies

“Robot Revolution: Paul Grayson is Taking the Challenge to Build a Robot Car for the Defense Department,” Northern Express, Traverse City, Michigan, June 3, 2004.

“Protecting Data With Cryptography,” (2-part series) NADGUG Focus, Austin, Texas, April 1994 - May 1994.

“Online with the Super Hacker,” Loompanics Annual Catalog, Port Townsend, Washington, , January 1994.

“Japanese Language Software,” Library Mosaics, July/August 1993.

“Detroit: Contracting for Quality,” Industrial Robot, November 1993.

“FidoNet Serves High-tech Librarians, Information Today, May 1991.

“Software viruses,” Data General Review, September, 1989.

“The Zen of Documentation,” Systems 3X & AS World, April 1989.

“Building on Mars,” Plan & Print, September 1987.


“From Texas to the Moon with John Leonard Riddell,” The Numismatist, April 2014, Vol. 127, No. 4.

“Medallic Arts Push the Bounds of Coinage,” Texas Numismatic Association News, Vol. 54. No. 4,  July/August 2012.

“Money: The Seed of Civilization,” Texas Numismatic Association News, Vol 53. No. 6, November/December 2011.

“Book Review: America’s Beautiful National Parks,” The Mich-Matist, Vol. XLVII No. 4, Fall 2011.

“Bay Bucks Enters Seventh Year,” The Mich-Matist, Vol. XLVII No. 4, Fall 2011.

“The Shroff,” Chopmark News, Taipei, Taiwan, September 2011, Vol. 15 Issue 3, pp. 74-75.

“Internet Connections” Monthly feature column, The Numismatist, January 2004 to December 2010.

“The Wizard of Oz: Child’s Tale or Numismatic Allegory,” The Centinel, Vol. 58, no. 2, Summer 2010, p. 58-61.

“Champagne: The Athens of the Middle Ages,” The Celator, Vol. 25. No. 11, November 2009.

“Optimal Currency Areas and Competing Currencies,” The Mich-Matist, Vol. XLV No. 2, Spring 2009.

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“Book Review: Striking Change: The Great Artistic Collaboration of Theodore Roosevelt and Augustus Saint-Gaudens,” The Mich-Matist, Vol  XLIV No. 3, Summer 2008

“China Calling: Getting started with East Asian numismatics,” The Mich-Matist, Vol. XLIII no. 1, Winter 2007, p. 33-36, ill.

“Michigan in Three Financial Panics: 1837, 1857, and 1933,” The Mich-Matist Volume XLII No.4, Fall 2006.

“Copper Owls : The Emergency Coinage of Athens 406 BC,” The Celator, Vol. 19, no. 10 (October 2005), p. 6-16: ill., map.

“Proof Double Eagles: Rarity and Perfection,” The Numismatist, Vol. 118, no 8, (August 2005), p.36-40, ill.

“The Indian Head Cent,” The Numismatist, December 2004

“The Many Faces of Coronet Cents,” The Numismatist, April 2004

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“How to Assemble a Dime Type Set,” The Numismatist, Vol. 115 no 5 (May 2002), p. 495-501, ill.

“Sir Isaac Newton: Warden and Master of the Mint,” The Numismatist, Vol. 114, no. 11 (November 2001), p. 1302-1308, 1363 : ill., port.

“IMF denies issuing Kosovo notes,” Coin World, Vol. 41, no. 2083, March 13, 2000, p. 90 : ill.

“Authenticating Ancient Coins,” Numisma Alsloia, (Oslo, Norway),  Nr. 232, 20 April 1998.

“Ancient coins show they knew it was round,” The Celator. Vol. 12, no. 2, February, 1998, p. 18-20 : ill

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“Ireland's Poet Laureate,” ANA Money Talks, first aired March 18, 1996

“The Voice of Classical Greek,” The Celator, Vol. 10, no. 1, January 1996

“A New Look at the Origins of Coinage,” The Numismatist, Vol. 108, No. 9 (August 1995).

“Cato’s Quinarius,” Perth Numismatic Journal, (Perth, WA Australia) Vol. 28, No. , August 1995.

“Electrum Sixths and the Treaty of Mytilene,” Classical Numismatic Review, Vol. 20 no. 2, Summer 1995, p. 7-8.

“Hard Times Tokens,” ANA Money Talks, first aired March 20, 1995

“Mardi Gras Doubloons,” ANA Money Talks, first aired February 28, 1995

“Levi Loomis and the Bank of Singapore,” The Mich-Matist, Winter 1995

“Tomorrow's Money: The Shape of Things to Come,” Coin News, June 1994

“Some Questions on the Origins of Coinage,” Classical Numismatic Review, Vol. 19, no. 3, p. 3.

“The Purse of Eratosthenes: the Coinage and Commerce of Cyrene,” The Celator, Vol. 8, no 1, (January 1994), p 18-20., ill

Public Interest

“Citizen On-Line Access to Government Information,” The Millennial Whole Earth Catalog (1995), October 1994.

“Democracy Goes Online,” Michigan Computer User, March 1994.

“Electronic Democracy,” Whole Earth Review, Winter 1993.

“The Citizen as Watchdog,” PC Today, November 1993.

“The Data Superhighway,” Telecomputing, March 1991.

“Did Thomas Jefferson Wear Mirrorshades?” Loompanics Annual Catalog, Port Townsend, Washington, January 1991.

“Electronic Government,” Telecomputing, November/December 1990.

“Soviet Computer Technology,” Defense Computing, April 1990.

“On-line Government,” NADGUG Focus, Austin, Texas

“Computer Aided Legal Research,” Greater Lansing Business Monthly, July 1988.

Invited Exhibits and Presentations

Exhibit: “Scripophily: the Numismatics of Investment and Speculation,” Michigan State Numismatic Society, Fall 2010.  Honorable Mention.

Exhibit: “Stored Value Cards: Redefining Money,” Michigan State Numismatic Society, Fall 2010.  Honorable Mention.

Exhibit: “Aviation on World Banknotes,” Michigan State Numismatic Society, 2007 Fall Convention.  Honorable Mention.

Exhibit: “The First Gold Coins,” Michigan State Numismatic Society, 2007 Fall Convention. Honorable Mention.

Exhibit: “Coal Mine Tokens,” Michigan State Numismatic Society, 2006 Fall Convention, Honorable Mention.

Exhibit: “Bay Bucks: the Creation of a Community Currency,” Michigan State Numismatic Society, 2006 Fall Convention, Third Place.

Exhibit: “The Crime of Diogenes,” American Numismatic Association, March 1998 National Money Show, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Lecture: “Alexander as Herakles,” November 2004 University of Calgary, The Nickle Arts Museum Numismatic Conference: Coins and Identities in the Ancient World.
Lecture: “Counterfeits: Threat or Menace?” July 2004. Pittsburgh Numismatic Theatre, American Numismatic Association.
Lecture: “Alexander as Herakles,” July 2002, New York City Numismatic Theatre, American  Numismatic Association. 
Lecture: “The Origins of Coinage,” March 1998, Cincinnati Numismatic Theatre, American Numismatic Association. 
Lecture: “The Origins of Coinage,” March 1997, Cleveland Numismatic Theatre, American Numismatic Association.
Lecture: “The Origins of Coinage,” November 1995, Leo and Laura Thomas Numismatic Center, Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio.
Lecture: “Choosing Your First Computer,” MAXIT ‘88: Mid-Michigan Annual Exposition of Information Technology, East Lansing, Michigan, March 19, 1988.
Lecture: “Electronic Government,” MAXIT ‘88: Mid-Michigan Annual Exposition of Information Technology, East Lansing, Michigan, March 19, 1988.
Lecture: “How to Write Unbreakable Codes,” April 28, 1979, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, Alamogordo, New Mexico. 

Community Service

Austin Energy Science Fair, February 19, 2015.  Judge for junior and senior divisions in behavioral and social science.

IEEE Globecom 2014, Austin, Texas. December 9-10, 2014. Master of Ceremonies for technical demonstrations. Room monitor in support of session chairs.

LASCON (Lonestar Application Security Conference), Austin, Texas, October 23-24, 2014. Introductory speaker for guest presenters at breakout sessions.

Texas Military Forces, Texas State Guard, Maritime Regiment, enlisted November 22, 2014, as petty officer third class; ssigned to headquarters as technical writer for training and development.

Austin Energy Science Fair, February 22-24, 2014.  Judge for junior and senior divisions behavioral and social sciences, and also for elementary divisions.

Austin Energy Science Fair, February 21, 2013.  Judge for junior and senior divisions behavioral and social sciences.

Westwood High School, Round Rock, Texas. May 8, 2012. Delivered four presentations on Forensic Psychology to six science department classes in criminalistics and psychology.

Austin Energy Science Fair, February 23, 2012.  Judge for senior division behavioral and social sciences.

Austin Children’s Museum/American Society of Civil Engineers, February 18, 2012. “Be an Engineer Day.”  Tabletop demonstrations and guidance for children completing construction projects including paper helicopters and spaghetti bridges.

2nd Annual Science and Engineering Festival,” Austin, Texas, November 4-6, 2011. Sponsored by the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists, Inc.  Preparation and sponsor set-up and guest orientation; and presentation of demonstrations on electricity, magnetism, aerodynamics, and the scientific method.

University of Michigan (Flint), May 6, 2011, “Super Science Friday” presentation “CSI: Flint – Who Guards the Guardians” for area middle school science students misconduct and fraud in scientific research including junk science in the courtroom.

Washtenaw Cyber Citizens Coalition (Ann Arbor). February 2011-present.  Serving on Law Enforcement Working Group to bring awareness of and solutions for exposure to victimization caused by misuse and abuse of computers.

University of Michigan (Flint), May 14, 2009, “Super Science Friday” presentation “CSI: Flint” for area middle school science students introducing blood grouping and fingerprinting.

Washtenaw County/City of Ann Arbor Community Corrections Citizens Advisory Board (2005 to 2008). Appointed by county board of commissioners to serve with judges, prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, defense counsel, and rehabilitation services, as representative of communications media in oversight of community corrections.

Michigan State Numismatic Society (2003-2005). Elected by general membership to serve on board of directors for 501(c)7 tax-paying not-for-profit organization.  Planned semi-annual conventions, reviewed financial reports and budgets, community involvements and educational outreach, membership support and maintenance.

Traverse City “Bay Bucks” Committee (2002-2003). Managed subcommittee of artists and designers for the creation of a local currency serving businesses, entrepreneurs and skilled crafts providers.

American Numismatic Association (2000-2004).  Chosen by successive presidents to serve on “Future of the Hobby” committees.

White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services, July 9-13, 1991, Washington, DC. Selected by mayoral committee to represent the library patron community of Lansing, Michigan, as a member of the state delegation.

East Lansing Food Cooperative (1991-1993).  Chosen by board and elected by membership to serve on board of directors of retail store specializing in natural, organic and locally produced foods with annual sales of $1 million.

Professional Assignments

 PROGRAM SPECIALIST (January 7, 2014 to October 15, 2014) Peak Performers LC, Austin, Texas.  Assigned to the Texas Military Department to serve as senior technical writer for management committee chaired by executive director developing process and procedure flows for software upgrades needed by purchasing, payables, and legal departments. Created deliverables via Visio, PowerPoint, and Word.  Writing benchmarked to 10th grade reading level.

 Reviewed, edited, and wrote disaster and emergency response contract specifications for the State of Texas Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management Office of Management and Budget.  Assignments included

·       * rentals of large spaces for disaster response teams

·       * warehousing of supplies

·       * delivery of vehicles

·       * coordination of personnel for natural and man-made disasters, emergencies, and evacuations. 

Reviewed, edited, and wrote training content with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for the management of spontaneous volunteers at disasters for Texas Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management.

SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER (December 2012 to March 2013)

Liaison Resources LP, Austin, Texas. Assigned to review, edit, and create technical and customer website content for Dell, Inc., AppAssure cloud computing backup and recovery system. Toolset included WordPress, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office.  Writing benchmarked to 10th grade reading level.

 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER (March 2012 to July 2012)

Kaizen Technologies, Edison, New Jersey. Assigned to edit project management processes, procedures, and work instructions for integration of information resources for the State of Texas Department of Information Resources serving 18 state departments and 10 state agencies. Responsible for the production of “single voice” print and online documentation, readable at high school level.  Agile/Scrum and Kanban environment.  Deliverables included requirements for

·       * data security and data center security;

·       * incident and disaster response;

·       * acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of computer hardware and software;

·       * cost recovery and invoicing;

·       * customer relationship management;

·       * governance and contract change;

·       * federal Section 508 and Texas rule 206.50 accessibility.

Toolset included Word, Visio, and other Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010.

CONTENT STRATEGIST (April 2010 to Present)

Seven Delta, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Contracted to deliver online and print documentation of Framemaker and SQL Server dbms for QuarkXPress and InDesign production cycle management of retail catalogs and other advertising media for transnational businesses. 

 WEBMASTER AND EDITOR (April 2004 to August 2011). Michigan State Numismatic Society, Canton, Michigan.  Assigned to convert manual and mechanical production of 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational society quarterly magazine. to electronic production formats tied to website while maintaining print circulation. Responsible for

·      planning, design, and implementation of content, including news, updates, and archives of text and graphics

·      hiring writers

·      selling advertising

Tool set include Microsoft FrontPage, Word, and Publisher, as well as native HTML programming and Unix command set.


SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER (July 2010 to September 2010). Institute for Geospatial Research and Education, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Instructional design of laboratory exercises for graduate and undergraduate classes in aerial survey and remote sensing incorporating NASA Urban Tree Canopy images for Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Created incremental integrated assignments to familiarize students with ERDAS Imagine and ArcGIS software.


FEATURE COLUMNIST (January 2004 to December 2010).  The Numismatist, American Numismatic Association, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Monthly “Internet Connections” column for Numismatist magazine of Congressionally-chartered not-for-profit educational organization. 

·      Sought out, investigated, and approved safe websites for user interactions including central banks, national museums, universities, and commercial providers of goods and services for the arts and sciences of the forms and uses of money.

·      Topics included transnational currency boards, interactive museum programs, coin and banknote production technologies, United States history, ancient and modern world history, and the sociology of collecting.


PUBLIC PROGRAMS PRESENTER (April 2005 to June 2006)

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.  Learned, revised, and created scripted demonstrations explaining concepts in chemistry and physics for general audiences of all ages using kitchen and garage inventory. Topics included acids and bases, “Elephant Toothpaste,” riding a bicycle, Galileo and Aristotle, fireworks, and black holes.

SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER (March 2001 to September 2001)

Rapidigm, Columbus, Ohio. Assigned to Honda America Corporation to create documentation of software for factory production readable at a 9th grade level.

·       Interviewed client users and software developers to establish needs analysis and functional specifications. 

·       Documented UML (Universal Modeling Language) for Java.

·       Designed intranet Web site in FrontPage and Adobe Acrobat.

·       Developed online documentation in RoboHelp. 

·       Published technical training materials via MS-Office and Visio.

·       Receiving certification for Microsoft Project Manager.

SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER (November 2000 to January 2001)

Advanced Programming and Resources, Dublin, Ohio.  Assigned to American Electric Power, Columbus, Ohio, to interview accountants and auditors for the development of formal business rules for electrical power utility transmission sharing according to State of Texas and federal regulations.

 SENIOR STAFF WRITER (April 1999 to May 2000)

Amos Press, Sidney, Ohio.  International Editor for Coin World, weekly numismatic magazine in newspaper format running 100 pages with 100,000 subscribers. 

·       Attended international trade shows as company representative.

·       Responsible for research and reporting on all aspects of the art and science of the forms and uses of money. 

·       Coordinated editorial staff efforts for online and Internet delivery.

·       Created newspaper content via QuarkXPress and Adobe Photoshop for both Pentium and Macintosh platforms.

 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRTER/TRAINER (October 1997 to October 1998)

Temporary Technical Services, Jackson, Michigan.  Assigned to Carl Zeiss IMT, nanometer precision optical-mechanical gauge operations for aerospace and automotive manufacturing quality assurance.  Software included HP-UX Unix and proprietary high-level languages. 

·      Coordinated with sales and marketing efforts to define and meet customer needs.

·      Developed and presented performance-based training for skilled trades technicians at General Motors engine plants and other facilities.

·      Translated laboratory instruction and training manuals from German to English.

·       Managed the translation of measuring machine documentation from English into Spanish.

SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST (March 1996 to May 1997)

The Registry, Cleveland, Ohio.  Assigned to U.S. Department of Defense financial audit team. 

·      Developed user manual and administration guide for client/server environment (Oracle SQL*NET; PowerBuilder; C). 

·      Created online documentation with RoboHelp.

·      Wrote Design Document for supervisor's tracking system.

·      Updated user manual for accountant tracking system.

·      Earned certificate for “QA Auditor” software validation for Windows and client/server standards.

·      Earned certificate of Achievement in “Principles of Military Accounting.”

 TRAINER/DEVELOPER  (March 1991 to March 1993)  

Kawasaki Robotics, Wixom, Michigan.

  • Taught robot operations and programming in-house and onsite to automotive industry skilled trades hourly and supervisory personnel for sheet metal fabrication and body assembly. 
  • Designed and implemented training materials for software and hardware diagnosis, maintenance, and repair.
  • Translated parts lists from Japanese to English.

All documentation created in a Macintosh environment via Claris software for text and graphics.  Reporting to management via Microsoft Office for Macintosh.

INSTRUCTOR (January 1985 to June 1990)

Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan. Taught technical report writing for fire safety, skilled trades, and other degreed programs.  Created computer-based training, testing, drill and practice tutorials.  Developed and presented instructional materials on research, writing, selection of sources, weighing facts in context, and organization of complex topics. 

 Ancillary Projects

 February 2001 to March 2001 for Capital City Consulting, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio.  Assigned to Verizon Wireless, Dublin, Ohio, to create user manual for call center help desk support programs written in C and Oracle. 

 February 1998 to February 1999 for Systems Results of Beechwood, Ohio.  Assigned to Ameritech, Indianapolis, Indiana, to document database management system for maintenance of emergency electrical power for neighborhood telephone switches.

 May 1995 to June 1995 for Robert Half International of Menlo Park, California. Assigned to Intellivoice Farmington Hills, Michigan, to create user guide and operation manual for voice-activated in-car cellular telephones.

 September 1994 to January 1995 for Comprehensive Data Processing, Inc., of Detroit, Michigan.  Assigned to Patriot Sensors of Madison Heights, Michigan, to develop installation, operations, and programming manuals for dual platform high-speed VME-bus controllers.  Software interface allowed interchangeable graphical ladder logic and C+ language programming at the user’s discretion. 

Other Experience

Security Guard (Level 2) (December 2011 to February 2013).  Securitas Security Services, USA, Inc., Austin, Texas.  Assigned to high-rise office building serving legal partnerships, public relations firms, and other businesses to provide infrastructure inspections, concierge services, and parking enforcement.

Master Security Officer (Level II) (September 2007 to June 2008). AlliedBarton Security Services, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Assigned to front desk and main lobby of corporate campus for world class mortgage lender.   Responsible for greeting, clearing and directing visitors and employees; validate and issue identification.  Split tri-level building of 255,000 sq. ft. on eight acres of woods and wetlands serves 1000 financial, management and clerical workers with 24-hour access.  Inspection of premises and grounds via 42 closed circuit television cameras on nine monitors.

Professional Security Officer (Level 3) (October 2006 to July 2007).  Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Posts and patrols for commercial office building. Continuous foot patrol inspections of computer, communication, electrical and other infrastructure junctions.  Front lobby command desk for greeting and clearing visitors and inspection of premises and grounds via 32 closed circuit television cameras on nine monitors.

 Safety Patrol Officer (August 2005 to September 2006).  Campus Safety and Security, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Responsible for opening and securing campus buildings, offices, classrooms, and laboratories for normal operations.  Inspections of physical plant, infrastructure and safety systems.  Provide parking lot enforcement, visitor orientation, and customer relations.  First responder for physical plant alarms and healthcare emergencies. 

 Security Guard (May 2002 to June 2003).  Akal Security, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Post and patrol for large crowd events, as well as for business, technology and retail customers.  Promoted to dispatcher at central officer for duty roster for 23 to 50 guards.  Assistant instructor for report writing and unarmed defensive tactics.

 Technical Skills

  • Rated “Expert” at Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, FrontPage, Project and Visio
  • Professional experience with TeX/LaTeX text mark-up languages
  • Professional experience with QuarkXPress and PageMaker
  • Technical writer for three projects at U.S. Department of Defense and NASA

 Security Certifications

  • Fire Safety Officer – AlliedBarton Security Service, 2008
  • High Rise Buildings – Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., 2007
  • Traffic and Parking – Securitas Security Services USA, Inc, 2007
  • Nonverbal Communication and Conflict Resolution – Akal Security, 2002
  • Frontline Supervision – New Mexico State Law Enforcement Academy, 2003
  • Computer Crime Investigation – New Mexico State Law Enforcement Academy, 2003
  • Disaster Inspector – Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2002
  • Defensive Driving –National Safety Council, 2002
  • Adult CPR and First Aid – American Red Cross, 2002; 2005; 2007

FEMA Certifications

FEMA Number




Emergency Management: An Orientation to the Position

February 5, 2014


Introduction to the Incident Command System for Law Enforcement

October 2, 2007


Introduction to the Incident Command System for Law Enforcement

March 3, 2014


ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incident

March 18, 2014


Managing and Developing Volunteers

April 14, 2014


Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

February 26, 2014


Fundamentals of Risk Management

February 28, 2014


Continuity of Operations

April 25, 2014


National Incident Management System: An Introduction

February 10, 2014


National Incident Management System: Public Information Systems

February 19, 2014


EOC Management and Operations

October 20, 2014


National Response Framework

March 19, 2014


Surveillance Awareness

April 2, 2014


Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats

February 27, 2014


Critical Infrastructure Security: Theft and Diversion

April 2, 2014

 Other Certifications

  • Detecting Counterfeit and Altered U.S. Coins (High Honors)– American Numismatic Association, 2011
  • Exhibit Judge – American Numismatic Association, 2004
  • Competent Toastmaster – Toastmasters International, 1997
  • Grading Coins Today (High Honors) – American Numismatic Association, 1996
  • RTE-A Programming & System Manager – Hewlett Packard, 1984
  • Electronic Telecommunications Service Counselor – The Bell System, 1983