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Contact:    Allison Travis
Email:       ufoallisonseattle@gmail.com 
For Media Inquiries, Paranormal Researcher/Investigators:
Contact:      Marcie
Email:          ufomarcieseattle@gmail.com
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Established:  June 1, 2012
Our meetings are run by ET Contactee/Abductees. The ET Contact/Abduction phenomena affects people in different ways. Some of our members find themselves in crisis mode without having the support of family and friends. Conversely, other members have a deep understanding and acceptance of these events in their lives. We understand. We provide support meetings in anonymous settings for members to talk about their experiences and share information.  Our mission is to provide a safe outlet for our community to come together and share their experiences. 
 * Support meetings are open to ET Contact/Abductees only.
Do you think you are an Abductee/Contactee but are not sure?  Check our our questionnaire