School information 基本資料

Lynnwood Elementary School

1.      Name of school: Lynnwood Elementary School,

                           18638   44th Av West

                                 Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA


2.      Number of students in class and school: 24  students in Mr Kerani’s first grade

There are 3 first grade classes in our school and 24 classrooms in all from K-6th grade.


3. Size of school: 520 students


4. School Mascot Lynnwood Leopard,
Colors of the school are red and black

Students wear their school colors (T Shirt or Sweat Shirt) on Spirit days


5. Type and number of computers: our class has access to a mobile lab with 4 computers. The library has 10 computers
1. 學校名稱林伍德小學

2. 學生在課堂上和學校數量:本班有24位學生一年級3我們的學校共有24班(含幼稚園)

3. 學校規模:520學生

4. 學校吉祥物: 林伍德

5. 電腦類型和數量我們班可使用一種載有4電腦移動電腦車圖書館則擁有10電腦