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Temple Chapter No. 3

Temple Royal Arch Chapter No. 3

Masonic Temple
39 Baker Street
Warren, RI 02885-3101
Meets on 4th Thursday of the month
September through June
Third Friday November-December
Annual February
Secretary - John A. Lawson, III
E-mail: jalawsoniii@verizon.net

2014 Officers

High Priest
Ex. Comp. William Pennoyer

Ex. Comp. Andrew Daigle

Ex. Comp. Rory Hanmer, GM1stV

Ex. Comp. Rick Baccus, PHP

M. Ex. Comp. John A. Lawson III, PHP, PGHP, GR

Rt. Ex. Comp. Alfred Cameron, GC

Captain of the Host
Ex. Comp. Robert Sinclair, PHP

Principle Sojourner
Ex. Comp. Brandt Evans, PHP

Royal Arch Captain
Comp. Douglas Grant

Master of the 3rd Veil
M. Ex. Comp. Raymond Hassel, PHP, PGHP

Master of the 2nd Veil
R. Ex. Comp. Phillip Crawford, PHP, GSc

Master of the 1st Veil
M. Ex. Steven Ringeling, PGHP, GT

Comp. Albert Holstius

Ritual Adviser
M. Ex. Comp. Steven Ringling, PGHP, GT