Recycling Good- But Not For Failed Vaccines

But, Recycling Is Not Good When It Involves 
Lyme Disease Vaccines!

March 5, 2015-  There is no one who wants a safe and effective Lyme vaccine more than those who have voluntarily educated and assisted millions of people with tick borne diseases over the years and those who treated the unfortunate who became ill.  Educating the public on tick borne disease issues is our primary goal.

After a careful review of the Lyme tests and procedures used in vaccine trials, the highly criticized and totally discredited treatment guidelines utilized as the basis of determining end results, the tainted opinions stemming from those involved in faulty research and engage in questionable clinical trials at tax-payers expense, the politics and deceptive practices that have been in play for more than two decades, and personally assisting scores of previously healthy people who became ill after receiving the last widely advertised Lyme vaccine before it was pulled from the market...

We will NOT recommend a Lyme vaccine for 

our own friends and family.


That should tell you something.