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What Can I Do To Raise Awareness?

Ideas to Help Raise Lyme Disease Awareness

"Tie Ribbons Across America Campaign" .  Tie Lyme green ribbons all over your yard.

*Attach Lyme green ribbons, Bumper Stickers or a Support Magnet to your car. 

*Drop off Lyme literature at convenient stores, gas stations and schools to hand out. 

*Tack up Lyme disease literature on local bulletin boards (with permission). 

*Make Lyme disease signs to display in your yard to raise awareness. 

*Wear your Lyme green tee shirts, bracelets and sweat shirts. 

*Contact newspapers & media to tell your Lyme disease story.  "How to" info here.

*Contact parks, camps and businesses with outdoor workers and share Lyme info.

*Hand out Lyme literature at Little League baseball games and other sporting events.

*Contact businesses in your local area and get short Lyme articles in their newsletters.

*Give gift baskets to relatives and friends to prevent them from getting Lyme disease.  In the baskets you can put tick remover toolsrepellentliteraturetick shampoo for pets, (and chocolate of course), etc.

Need More Ideas?  

The list below are projects that were done in the past by Maryland & Virginia Lyme patients and groups.  Pick one and get that camera ready to go!

*Presented Lyme programs for local churches and places of worship.

*Made tick posters (or printed them from here) and placed them around town.

*Put Lyme literature and books in local libraries- asked for permission first.

*Attended health fairs and various outdoor events to hand out literature.

*Distributed Lyme literature at farmer's markets and flea markets.

*Presented talks at local animal shelters and shared literature.

*Invited guest speakers to talk about Lyme disease at support group meetings.

*Contacted local news stations with Lyme disease messages.

*Sent out information on the LDA's Lyme-Aid-4 Kids program to help raise funds for the children with tick borne diseases to be diagnosed and treated.

*Distributed Lyme disease literature to golf courses.

*Assisted with tick collecting for scientific research.

*Shared the Spanish version of "Lyme Disease Basic Book" and the link to foreign language information with residents.

*Made You-tube videos for Lyme disease.

*Organized showings of Under Our Skin, the award winning Lyme disease documentary.

*Designed and assisted with new websites and blogs to promote Lyme disease awareness.

*Shared Lyme disease literature at the workplace.

*Announced Lyme Disease Awareness Month programs at worship services.

*Motorcycle ride with Lyme green messages, banners and literature available.

*Worked with local governments on their annual proclamations or certificates commemorating Lyme Disease Awareness Month.  Attended public presentations.

*Started surveys to gather information from local residents about Lyme disease and tick populations.

*Spoke to local hunting groups and shared literature.

*Handed out literature at their local fishing holes to other fishermen.

*Put Lyme literature in hospital waiting rooms and doctor's offices.

*Presented a Lyme Disease program for nurses.

*Presented a Lyme Disease program for teachers in local schools.

*Organized and participated in the Racing Lyme Disease Awareness Campaign and voted on our race car.

Only Have a Few Minutes to Spare 
Or Can't Get Out Much?

*Email, tweet or Facebook a Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland Lyme Disease Fact Sheet Link to local businesses and your friends that may have an interest or need to know.

*Share information on tick borne diseases with friends who have pets and other animals.

*Educate health care professionals in your area by sending them a link to the 50 most frequently asked questions page.

*Got a sick friend that may have Lyme, but who tests negative?  Send them this informative Health Alert.

*Share the Doctor Referral information with someone you know who is looking for help with Lyme disease.

*Send (email, tweet, face book) the Prevention link to anyone you know who will be outdoors.

*Send the Help For You link to those you know who have Lyme disease.   

*Attend a local Lyme disease program and bring a friend or ten.  See support group listings here.

For a list of places to order or print-out Lyme disease literature, please click here.
For more information, please see links below.

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