Washington DC
Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases 

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Education, Information & Support
For Residents In & Around 
Our Nation's Capital

Just Bitten
age Ready To 
To Take To Your Doctor

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Lyme News From Our National Capital Region

Ask The Experts

Dr. Burrascano's Study
Treatment Resistant Lyme

Outdoor Screened Protection
From Biting Bugs

Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed As 

Excellent Video Interview

Doctors Treating Lyme Disease

2016- Free Tick Testing

2016 Study- Borrelia Biofilms
Detected in Human Tissues

2015 Study- The Other Lyme Disease 
(B. miyamotoi)

Sexual Transmission Study

Study- October 2015

Grants To Help With Treatment Costs

Johns Hopkins Take on Lyme Disease

Is Lyme The Next AIDS?

Tick Attachment Time

DIY- Bug & Pest Traps

Hurricane Season

Lyme Disease- Oops!

You Look Fine To Me!

NEW Treatment Guidelines

Washington DC- Got Snow?

Just What We Didn't Need!

Join The Challenge

How Much Does It Cost?

A New Lyme Vaccine?

Proof's in the Pudding

When You Are Right, You Are Right!  

New Guidelines From IDSA