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  Lyme Misdiagnosed As... 

  Is Lyme The Next AIDS? 

  The Snow Won't Stop The Ticks



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Lyme News For Our National Capital Region

New Swiss Treatment Guidelines

A Look Into Our Future

Lyme Bill On Its Way To President Obama

Passes House & Senate

LymeAid 4 Kids Funds

Are Now Depleted

Deer Flies Can Harbor

Lyme, Anaplasma & Bartonella

Ask The Experts

What Caused This Strange Symptom?

Dr. Burrascano's Study

Treatment Resistant Lyme

PDF- Bottom of Page Located Here

Outdoor Screened Protection

Under $50

Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed As 

Multiple Sclerosis

Excellent Video Interview

Dr. Steven Phillips

Doctors Treating Lyme Disease


2016- Free Tick Testing

USA Study

2016 Study- Borrelia Biofilms

Detected in Human Tissues

Dr. Eva Sapi, et al.

2015 Study- The Other Lyme Disease 

Also Survives Blood Bank Storage 

Sexual Transmission Study

November 2015

Study- October 2015

Put The Lyme In The Coconut

Grants To Help With Treatment Costs

(Patients Up To Age 25)

Johns Hopkins Views on Lyme Disease

Disappearing Symptoms

Tick Attachment Time

How Long To Transmit Lyme?

Hurricane Season

Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

Lyme Disease- Oops!

May 2015 

You Look Fine To Me!

It'll Make You Laugh

NEW Treatment Guidelines

Excerpts & Printable Versions

Just What We Didn't Need!

Health Alert!  New Tick Borne Disease  

How Much Does It Cost?

The Economic Impact of Lyme Disease

A New Lyme Vaccine?

Recycling Is Good- But Not For Failed Vaccines

Proof's in the Pudding

Evidence Is In- Chronic Lyme Exists  

When You Are Right, You Are Right!  

When You Are Wrong, You Are Dangerous