Get your cycling clothes ulta clean by Tony Marchand:


Cycling clothes are delicate and the breathable materials difficult to remove the dirt and can be destroyed by heat. Follow these tips and your clothes will get cleaner, smell better and last longer.
  1. Don't let them sit around and let the odor causing bacteria increase. And don't reware them for the same reason. Perspiration will eat away at your chamus and leather on your gloves.
  2. Wash separately from your every day street clothes incase something in the street clothes might run.
  3. Zip up your cycling clothes so the zipper itself won't cut into surounding fabric.
  4. Turn them inside out, especially the cycling shorts so the chamus will be thoroughly cleaned, but also the cycling shirts to protect the logos and pictures on the cycling shirts.
  5. Use a mesh bag for bib short so the suspenders do not tangle in the washer or anything with velcro closures.
  6. Use a detergent with no perfumes or additives such as that sold by Tide, Pure, and others.
  7. Adding 2-3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide will help penetrate the pores in the fabric without bleaching the colors. David Fiedler of suggest spraying those clothes with residual odor with 70% isopropyl alcohol and them hanging them to dry to let the alcohol evaporate.
  8. Put your washing machine on delicate and use cool or luke warm water (stay away from the hot which can damage the breathable pores in the fabric). Some prefer to wash by hand which is preferable for your gloves (so the leather won't harden or materials shrink) and cycling caps (to prevent breaking of the rim), but in my experience does not remove the all the grime and odor from your other cycling clothes.
  9. Hang all materials including shirts, shorts, tights, caps and gloves to air dry. The machine dryer will melt those delicate pores and harden the leather on your gloves.
  10. Wash you helmet each week; more often in the summer. Just place it in the shower with you and the soap and rinse you use will flow right down and clean the helmet.
  11. The best way to keep your cycling shoes from smelling is to have two pair and alternate. Or use an spray such as "Stink Be Gone"4.
  12. If you mountain bike or cyclecross, pre-spray with a garden hose to get the mud out of your clothes before washing.5

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