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Janice F. Rosen, president, ceased operation of WashingtonNationalWagnerSociety.org web site domain name during 2016. This web content is maintained for historical purposes.

The organization's programs provided opportunities for talent and production crew to gain experience and networking with others within the entertainment and arts community. It was a good run. Interest change, time to pursue other projects.  Thanks to all who participated. Justin R. Swain, videographer-producer and web master

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Richard Wagner

Our 2013 to 2015 Season:

Encourage Online Discussions and Events
Online audio-video conferences, discussion groups, Blogs, Facebook and other presentations on 
Wilhelm Richard Wagner - a German composer, theater director, polemicist, and conductor

The Lyric Opera of Chicago is proud to present Tannhäuser from February 9 to March 6, 2015. Our terrific singers include Johan Botha in the title role, Amber Wagner (Elisabeth), Michaela Schuster (Venus), Gerald Finley (Wolfram), and John Relyea (Landgraf). 

Use the promotion code Wagner40 to receive a special 40 percent discount for tickets almost anywhere in the house including in the main floor for performances on February 9 (Tannhäuser Opening Night!), February 18, February 26, March 2, or March 6, 2015.  Be sure to ask about our ticket specials for students of all ages! 

Remember that Lyric is also presenting each opera of the Ring beginning in 2016-2017,and the entire Ring in April 2020. 

Tickets for Lyric’s full Ring cycle will go on sale in 2018, with pricing and casting to be announced at a later date. Tickets for Das Rheingold will go on sale in early 2016.  

Das Rheingold
Opening night of the season; performances begin October 1, 2016

Die Walküre
Third opera of the season; performances begin in early November 2017

Third opera of the season; performances begin in early November 2018

Eighth opera of the season; performances begin in late March 2020

Three complete Ring cycles will follow our regular 2019-20 opera season
First cycle begins in April 2020

Please use the promotion code Wagner40 and get 40% off tickets almost anywhere in the house including in the main floor
for weekday performances of
Tannhäuser ---or call Joel Friend at 312.827.592 or email, jfriend@lyricopera.org

See you at Lyric!


2014 Events by Other Groups

 2012 CLOSING Season 

Organization Note: The Washington National Wagner Society's organization structure and programs have changed:

The organization disbanded and ceased operation approximately 2015.

The state of the general economy has changed our focus to web based presentations and products.

Janice and Justin value the production experience with many talented people.  It was a learning experience!

Contact: info@WashingtonNationalWagnerSociety.org

Janice F. Rosen, Founder, Past President and Sponsor

Justin R. Swain, Production and Technology Services

Most Recent Event:

"The Phenomenological Implications of Richard Wagner's Operatic Theories"


“Manifestations of Schopenhauerian Philosophy in the Music of Act I of Parsifal

Daniel John Carroll

Daniel John Carroll

Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant in Musicology, University of Idaho

Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 1300 EST (1:00 P.M.)

NOTICE: Event Plans include audio, still and video images of the event to be recorded, edited then placed on web for viewing.

LOCATION: Tenley Branch Library, a D.C. Public Library, near Tenleytown-AU Metro Stop


Adding to the Feuerbachian and Schopenhauerian perspectives on Wagner study, these presentations will address phenomenological descriptions of the motivations behind Wagner’s artistic agenda by discussing the relevance of this philosophical system to the gesamtkunstwerk concept, the construction of the Bayreuth theatre, and implementation of the leitmotif system.

While it has been long recognized that the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer played a decisive role in the development of Wagner’s operatic reforms, including the affordance of additional prominence to the orchestra and the self-abnegation and world-renouncing inclinations of such characters as Isolde and Brünnhilde, the reflections of Schopenhauer’s tenets in the very musical structure has been hitherto unexamined. In this paper, I address key passages from the Prelude to Act I of Parsifal for their musical embodiment of Schopenhauer’s thought as expressed in his magnum opus with which Wagner was nothing short of enamored, The World as Will and Representation.

Daniel John Carroll is a graduate student and teaching assistant in musicology and philosophy at the University of Idaho. He recently completed his undergraduate studies as a Research Assistant and Associate at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has presented at musical and philosophical conferences throughout the country.

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Past presentation

George Hastings - Presenter

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  1900 Hours EST (7 P.M.)
Tenley Branch Library, a D.C. Public Library, near Tenleytown-AU Metro Stop

"Timetables of Wagner's Ring Cycle in Relationship to Mayan Predictions for 2012"

Twenty years ago George Hastings discovered Richard Wagner’s operas were filled with secret allegories concerning the evolution of consciousness. From then on he was obsessed with learning more. His research expanded to include Homer’s epic poems, Mozart’s,The Magic Flute, and Michelangelo’s story on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, all of which contained similar esoteric insights.

In Mexico, while researching the Mayan culture, George realized the timetables which led up to the Mayan predictions for 2012 were related to the same astronomical periods as were Wagner’s Ring cycle and Parsifal operas, and that, like Wagner’s operas, they were concerned with the evolution of consciousness. George’s talk, "Timetables of Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Relation to Mayan Predictions for 2012” includes science, mythology, history, philosophy, and the evolution of consciousness.

George has been a business man in various aspects of the construction industry for nearly all of his career. In 2007 he and his wife bought a sailboat and, after exploring the Pacific northwest waters for two years, embarked on a two year journey which eventually brought them to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. They now live inland, in Orizaba, Mexico.