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Healthcare Update:
Americans for Prosperity ~ 02/17/12:

Welcome to ObamaCare Part VIII: Don’t Let a Simple Thing Like Funding Stop You.

Americans for Prosperity has been urging states not to implement health care exchanges. These “exchanges” are being sold to the public as simple, transparent and innovative ways for consumers to purchase health insurance starting in 2014. However, these exchanges as created by the HHS are not simple, transparent or innovative due to the hundreds of pages of rules, regulations and mandates placed on the exchanges.

HHS is desperate for states to set up the exchanges. But according to the White House’s highly optimistic report, only 28 states are moving towards implementation.

This week, we learned another reason why HHS is pushing so hard for states to implement the exchanges: HHS doesn’t have enough money to create the backup federal exchange. HHS received a $1 billion in the original health care bill to create a federal exchange, but has already blown through that money. In the President’s budget proposal released this week HHS asked for another $860 million. As Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the funds would cover “the one-time cost to build the infrastructure, the enrollment piece of [the federal exchange], the IT system that’s needed.” Things the first billion should have covered. But that money has little, to no, chance of passing Congress. When asked about this problem, Sebelius said “We are going to get it done, yes.”

That is a remarkable statement symptomatic of what AFP said all along.

First, the administration’s own report acknowledges that 22 states are not in the process of implementing an exchange due to the harsh requirements and huge costs. Second, they are admitting that they need more money even after promising multiple times that $1 billion was enough to create the federal exchange. Now the administration admits that even if Congress doesn’t give it the money it needs, they’ll move forward anyway.

Why let a simple thing like funding stop you?

Welcome to ObamaCare

Read more: http://www.americansforprosperity.org/021712-welcome-obamacare-part-viii-dont-let-simple-thing-funding-stop-you#ixzz1msTfydEC
02/07/12 Post:
February at Belk's Senior Day our group - Washington County
Republican Women TN - sponsored a BP Clinic from 10am - 2pm.
We served 35 Johnson City area residents.  Of those 35 people
3 asked if we knew of any doctors who were taking new Medicare
patients...one lady had MS and no way to get medicine....no doctor. 
(Doctors are being forced to drop their Medicare patients because they cannot afford to care for them ~ they will
not be able to see enough patients in a day to meet their over-head...much less profit.)  I am terrified of what will happen to the older citizens in our city when Obamacare is fully implemented. 
It is an evil plan, rife with countless ways to deprive our older citizens of healthcare....if not sooner than later it is almost a certaintity that the *Death Board* will deny essential healthcare that will end the life of anyone deemed *too old* to make their remaining days stack up $-wise to what their healthcare would cost. 
I wonder what the formula is to discover that magic place....who came up with the formula that will be used to make those *Death Board* decisions?  Who on earth would have the heart to use that formula and execute the decision made?
D. Goza, RN