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“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of.   
 In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” Confucius

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As you may have heard (or not heard, if you tried to tune in and noticed or absence last week) the Impact Program is no longer on local AM radio.  Without a microphone, we switch to a megaphone this week on the internet.     Stay tuned for other developments.

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With the Aquatic Center back on the agenda for 2014 election, the poll from last year has been reactivated.   
Feel free to ADD your comments on the issue.    

Podcast Change AGAIN - Click the Podcast TAB above for 4/14 and newer, and, hopefully, future.

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NEW 2013 Parks and Rec SSD Budget    Although the Budget Hearing is tomorrow, this is a tentative budget and does not reflect the total 2012 revenues.

For the very few who take the opportunity to review these packets, see the links at the bottom to download

(Latest Heber City Council 15 Nov 2012) - read one, you may learn a lot about what's happening!!

Heber City Council Meeting Packet click here 1Mar 2012

Older packets on Heber City Budget Page or link at the bottom of THIS page



Your legislator's voting record analysis can be found here:                     Click here to see the ratings  2012 Update now available

Are they conservative, liberal (progressive) or mugwumps?

Complete Legislative Audit on School Construction

       Click here for excerpts

Audio of Legislative Audit Committee Report (11/18/08)


Irrigation Irritation or Affluent Effluent - Excerpts from the JSSD Sewer Agreement  

 The 5000 Year Leap Principles 

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Older Impact Podcasts can be found Googling
        "4Shared impact" and 'm-d' (eg 3- 11) or a keyword
Our Podcast site is now requiring an account to listen to podcast,
  (one of the problems with "free")  if you choose not to do so -
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