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     My photos are unique.  You could call them rock art.  But it's not your regular rock art in the form of petroglyphs or pictographs.  This rock art resembles people, animals or some other object that does not occur through natural erosion.  These are convincingly manmade.  They are unique for several reasons.  I feel I have an eye for these rock formations.  Some of them are out of the way and only I know where they are.  Some of them you have to look closely in order to see them.  It also helps if you have some form of magnification.  It doesn't hurt to be acquainted with the history of the area either.  This helps in understanding the background, environment and context of the subject.  I was also trained by a friend of mine that mentored me on what to look for and how to look for it.  When I used his training and perspective a whole new world opened up to me.  I was a new person.  I was able to see things as I never had before.  It is exciting.  It's an adventure.  I have told people what I see in a picture and get different comments.  Some think I am crazy.  Some can see what I see.  Not always though.  Some can see even more or different things than what I see.   Hopefully you will see the uniqueness of my rock art photos.  I feel these are great photographs that I can make available to anyone who desires them and make enlargements available in different sizes.   

     Not all of my photos are of the rock art variety however.  I have some very nice landscape shots.   Not all of the photos of rock art are man made but I would still qualify them as rock art.  It's all in the mind and the imagination of the viewer.  The landscape photos add a nice complement and alternative to the rock art photos.    This is currently only a sample.  I hope to make these and more available as I develop and progress and means become available. 


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