Mondays - WarwickSpace

3.30pm Primary ballet 
4.00pm Primary tap
4.30pm Primary modern
5.00pm Pre-Senior Ballet & Pre-Pointe
6.00pm Finish

NB Personal fitness training and one-to-one dance coaching also available. Please use TeamUp to book

Thursdays - St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre/WarwickSpace

4.00pm Grade 3 ISTD Tap
4.30pm Grade 3 RAD Ballet 
5.15pm Grade 2 RAD Ballet
5.55pm break (venue change)
6.15pm Adult tap*
7.00pm Adult ballet barre*
7.30pm Finish

* Starred classes must be signed up for IN ADVANCE - click here to do so:

Saturdays - WarwickSpace, Coten End

    10.00am Private Lesson
    10.30am Pre-school Ballet
    11.15am break
    11.30am Pre-Primary RAD Ballet           
    12.15pm break
    12.25pm Pre-Primary Tap and Modern
    12.55pm break
    1.00pm Primary RAD Ballet
    1.45pm Primary ISTD Modern
    2.15pm Primary ISTD Tap
    2.45pm Grade 1 RAD Ballet
    3.30pm Grade 1 ISTD Tap
    4.00pm Grade 1 ISTD Modern
    4.30pm Private lesson

Please contact Miss Emily if you are interested in private coaching.