Volunteer Action Center Staff

The staff of the Volunteer Action Center (also known as the VAC) consists of students from the Wartburg College campus that apply to be a part of this organization and who are advised by a professional within the college. The goals of the VAC staff are not only to provide leadership for service opportunities but also to take requests from community members and the college campus. We help promote volunteer needs as they arise and service a great portion of the Cedar Valley area.


                                           Director                                          Student Organization Liaison
                                       Mycala Briggs                                                 Ashley Dickinson
                              Community Partner Liaison                                   Marketing Coordinator
                                      Ropa Chambati                                                     Kelli Miller

Renee Sedlacek

(319) 352-8641

Student Center HUB

Staff Office Hours
Fall 2012:


(Mon only)

8:30am-10:30 & 11:30am-12:30pm

Interested in working for the VAC?