Next Meeting - Wednesday 20 March 2019
7.30 p.m. Victory Hall

 Murder unsolved - a Hampshire pub explodes.
Come to our monthly meeting and hear the original case detective tell us about this macabre tale of arson and murder, which remains unsolved to this day. The case is still open - maybe modern techniques will find the killers.

As usual the meeting will include reports from local police officer and from our local Borough and County Councillors, (depending on individual availability).   Members of the Committee will also update you on various subjects including local planning applications and a range of other matters affecting the village and its residents

Most importantly you will have the opportunity to raise matters which you believe are important and to ask questions of the officials attending;  there is usually the opportunity to meet and talk to local Councillors after the meeting as well if you wish to and you will also have the opportunity to talk to Committee members to raise or discuss any relevant issues that are not covered in the public meeting.

Please come along, (the meetings usually last until around 9 pm), and all local residents are welcome.  If you have not been to one of our meetings before you will be very welcome to attend and hopefully become a member.  A committee member, normally our Treasurer, Terance, will be just inside the door

Don't forget that you can still contact members of the Committee through the email addresses shown on the "Contact Us" page of this site.