About Us

About Us

Warsash Residents Association was formed in 1932 to ascertain the views of residents regarding matters of concern to the village and to speak on their behalf to local government and other organisations. The association is neither party political nor sectarian.

Warsash has around 7200 residents. In order to ascertain the views of residents the WRA needs to do all that it can to ensure that there is a fair representation of local residents with the membership containing, as far as is possible, a cross section of the community across age, race, religion, employment etc. and it should seek to be cognisant of a wide range of interests.

Public Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. Details here: General Meetings

The membership fee is currently £5 per person per calendar year renewable on the 1st January each year. The fee goes towards Association running costs, guarantees you a copy of the full minutes from each meeting and ensures you are up to date with the key issues affecting your village.

The best way to join the WRA is to come to a public meeting where just inside the door you will find Terance, our Treasurer, or go to the Joining WRA page on this website to see more details and download an application form.

Methods of representation include:

  • A respected voice to Fareham Borough Council through our Borough Councillors and to Hampshire County Council through our local County Councillor.
  • By lobbying our local MP.
  • Representation in person or by mail at relevant Council meetings.
  • Representation in person or by mail at relevant developer's meetings.
  • Use of media, TV, press, radio & multimedia.
  • Leaflets, boards & local circulations.