The Warsash Residents Association was formed in 1932 in order to understand the views of residents on matters of concern to the village and to speak on their behalf to local government and other organizations. The association is independent of any political party.

In order to fairly represent the views of the 7200 people living in Warsash, the WRA needs as many members as possible, with a cross section of the community over a spectrum of age, employment and range of interest. We particularly welcome younger people as members so that we can ensure that we take heed of their future needs, which undoubtedly differ from those of older residents. We try to strike a balance between the differing views of those living in Warsash to ensure that all views are taken into account, rather adopting strong campaigning positions. In this way we believe we are a respected voice in the community.

A key method by which the WRA keeps in touch with its members is its public meetings, which are held on the third Wednesday evening of each month in the Victory Hall. Details can be found here: General Meetings. In recent times we have been publishing a monthly newsletter, which contains a record of the proceedings of our monthly meetings, as well as many other items of interest. This is sent by email to the majority of members and delivered as a printed version for the minority who lack internet access.

We also represent members’ interests by communicating with Fareham Borough Council through our two borough councillors and with Hampshire County Council through our local county councillor. These councillors almost always attend our monthly members’ meetings to engage in a dialogue with attendees. We also lobby our local MP on occasion or ask him/her to speak at one of our monthly meetings.

When the need arises, we represent the WRA either in person or by mail at relevant council meetings and relevant developer's events. From time to time we also distribute leaflets to local households as well as using notice boards to communicate information about our events and other matters. We also send email to members whenever important issues arise, such as commenting on new planning matters, local transport changes, warning of new scams, or to seek opinions on key matters.

We have a media specialist on our committee who makes use of traditional media, (the press, radio and TV) to communicate our views, as well as local online media to encourage discussion and to garner the views of residents. We have our own Facebook page:

The association is run by a committee of typically eight people who meet monthly to deal with matters of concern to members, to plan monthly meetings and to decide future policies and initiatives. We are always willing to co-opt new committee members pending their election at the next AGM.

Explore the various menu items to learn more about us. Better still, join us and you can make a difference to local people in Warsash - go to Joining the WRA.