From New Zealand,

Kia ora and hello dear friend,

Hirini Reedy here. I am a Maori spiritual practitioner and creator of Aio Koa Self Cultivation School here in New Zealand. 
A global school for people wanting to develop their own unique spiritual practices and to live life accordingly. 

I am inviting YOU to be part of My Mastermind Group Pilot. 

In this Pilot, I am inviting SIX people to be part of a pilot using Aio Koa Self Cultivation.  I will run THREE online coaching sessions with EACH PERSON.

Session One. Clearing Your Energy Fields (Tahitahi)

  • I explain the Maori significance of Tahitahi - to sweep & turnover surfaces & appearances.
  • You and I will review your current life. What is soul yearning for? What is not working?
  • We will identify immediate blocks and beliefs that need addressing.
  • I will do a soul reading of relevant past lives & ancestral lineages to identify deeper energetic issues.
  • We will start to clear any blocks and issues that may affect your energy flow.

Recently I worked with a young man of Russian descent. He had lingering regret from many years ago. His grandfather whom he loved was dying. He went to visit the old man. The old man was upset when the grandson had to leave. "I need to go, Grandfather, I have to go to work!". The old man later died that day. The young man was distraught that he abandoned his grandfather at a critical time. He remembered how he pulled his grandfather's hand from his right wrist. We worked with the memory and found where it was deeply located. The energetic signature. I also gave him a fern leaf to physically hold as part of the releasing process. I then put the young man into trance and channeled the "grandfather" through the boy. The old man spoke in Russian. I spoke in English and Maori. I talked to the old man. Asking him to find a way to tell his grandson that he still loved him from the spirit world. I asked him for one word that his grandson would recognise. He said, "prush hat" or something similar. I don't know Russian but I said the word to the grandson when he woke up. He smiled, "It means forgiveness in Russian...a type of forgiveness that does not die. It lives on and on". He then rubbed his face in a manner that he said his grandfather would soothe him when putting him to bed. He felt his grandfather's spirit of forgiveness. We checked his emotions. I asked, "Are you ready to let the regret go?" Yes. He no longer felt the same raw pain of regret but saw it now as hard-earned wisdom and compassion. Also forgiveness is a living force. It does not die. Good, I said. "Now, if you are ready, give me that fern leaf as a final act of letting go. Then I can return it outside to the bush I got it from. Close the circle. Only give it if you are 100% ready to let go." He gave me the fern.

Session Two. Rebirthing Your Soul (RUA)

  • I explain the Maori significance of RUA - cavern, seedbed as a symbol for rebirth.
  • We will define Your Soul Purpose. What you are really here to do, be & feel?
  • We will identify key Life Lessons from this Life - Creating Your Soul Message.
  • I will do a reading and perform an energy realignment of your Chakras. (before & after chart)
  • We will clear more limiting beliefs to allow more Soul Energy to flow through you.

People often struggle with this one. What is your soul purpose? Huh? What are you here to do? Huh? We often use the mind to answer these questions. It tends to focus on things. Money. Good car. House. Holidays. Yet too often, where is the soul? We often undervalue the part our soul plays. It always connected with our feelings. Sweetest memories. Finest moments. Heart-stopping scenes. Falling in Love with Life. Recently, I asked a friend this question.

"If you were living from your soul, your most glorious self, who would you BE?, how would you FEEL, and what would you DO? 

She said, "I would stop doing 90% of the stuff I am doing. As for feelings, I feel like I am working most of the time. Always got things to do. Although I do have happy moments and get some enjoyment during the day. Who would I be? Hmmm. Need to think?

I said, "Well, thats a good start. There's some lessons in there. Your life holds key lessons. These become your messages. Who better else than you can talk about your life lessons. Change parts of your life. Examine the bits. We are all inside our own lifestory. We can rewrite it. Start a new chapter. Put the soul back into our life. Many people are like living zombies nowadays. Just look at the faces in a traffic jam"

Session Three. Integrate Your Soul Into Your Lifestory (TORU)
  • I explain the Maori significance of Toru - to activate into trinity (3D reality)
  • How to integrate Your Soul Purpose, Soul Message, Soul Energy Into Your Physical Being.
  • How to write your New Story. Who would you BE, FEEL, DO in your New Lifestory.
  • 30Day Reality Plan to manifest and monetize your new Lifestory into physical reality.

This is from a previous client who used the above principles to manifest a key target over a six week period.

Philip Raises Over One Million Dollars Within Six Weeks....
I really gained a huge amount in the six weeks that I worked with Hirini. A key learning for me was balancing both the heart and the head in my decisions and actions. Mixing these two elements together gave me a greater, more pleasing result then applying just one.

My key objective for the six weeks was to raise $5million and launch a public company. Within the six weeks I had raised 25 %, about one and quarter million dollars as well as set up the public company.

My results were well worth the money that I spent for the course. And the team I was working with to do this benefited from Hirini's program as well. There was no keeping the great insights resulting from this program to myself.

Philip Wengier
Victoria, Australia
(PS. Phil did raise his $5million. It took him an extra four weeks).

  • Three 60 Minute Individual Teaching/Activation SKYPE sessions.
  • My Summary Notes of Each Session
  • Email Questions & Answers
  • Access to Private FACEBOOK Group.
  • One Group Mastermind Session using Q & A
  • Free Copy "Aio Koa - Cultivating My Super Being" (Book Launch early May)
  • Accreditation towards Aio Koa Courses
  • Priority Notice of Aio Koa Sacred Journeys and Retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe in 2016-2017.

If you do not get your money worth within THREE months after finishing the sessions, I will refund your money and give you a FREE session as well.

THE COST (66% Discount)
Normally I charge $260 for ONE Coaching Session and checkups but I want to expand this important work 
so the cost is $260 for THREE Sessions ($86.60 per Session or 66% Discount.) 

You can order ONE or TWO Sessions but the costs will be $120 and $200.

Please press PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW and choose your sessions. Once your payment approved then I will email you and we can start our sessions.

If you want to pay instalments, just email me hirinireedy @ gmail.com. If you are short of money, be creative and make me an offer.

Nga mihinui

Hirini Reedy