Kia ora (Hello),

I am Hirini Reedy, creator of spiritual warrior coaching programme for the modern spiritual warrior.
The  modern knight, the honorable human being who is living life by the codes, philosophies & 
spiritual practices that fit their unique nature, inner being and way of life. Not mine nor any one else.

I was a New Zealand Army Officer, Aide-de-Camp to Governor General, a martial artist and
practitioner of several healing & energy arts. I am also a Maori from New Zealand who has family lineage
of tohunga (seers) and toa (warriors) of my tribe Ngati-Porourangi. I have done post graduate studies and
research into the Warrior Arts of the Maori and have embraced many warrior traditions and orders of chivalry
to create a Spiritual Warrior Curriculum for these modern times. 

I am inviting YOU to be part of a Spiritual Warrior Coaching Pilot.

In this Pilot, I will run THREE online coaching sessions with YOU.

Session One. A Spiritual Reading of Your Warrior Past Lives

  • Reading of your Warrior past lives, ancestral lineages & Imprints
  • How this Is Affecting This Life? Relationships. Internal States.
  • What past memories need releasing? Blocks that need moving
  • Healing old pain and past trauma from Generations ago.

Session Two. Illuminating Your Warrior Being 

  • Clearing And Reactivating Your Spiritual Warrior DNA 
  • Realigning and polishing your Inner Core (Like polishing your inner sword)
  • Integration of your spiritual warrior and physical life aspects - how to live truthfully with honour
  • Apprentice of Nature and The Circle of Four Seasons

Session Three. Receiving Spiritual Warrior Vision
  • Receive a vision of your spiritual warrior self using internal vision quest
  • Design elements of your spiritual warrior code, philosophy and conduct. 
  • Your own internal mythology and warrior archetypes
  • Identify daily practices that support your spiritual warrior quest.

Here is an example of a Female Warrior Training Presentation which illustrate some concepts

Awaken The Female Koa

  • Three 60 Minute Teaching/Activation SKYPE sessions.
  • My Summary Notes of Each Session
  • Email Questions & Answers
  • Access to Private FACEBOOK Group.
  • Plus other bonus surprises (extra Healing Session, a Holiday-stay here in New Zealand, video clips, my books).
If you not happy after our first session, then tell me and I will fully refund all your money.

Normally I charge $260 for ONE Coaching Session and Add-ons but I want to expand this important work 
so the cost is $260 for THREE Sessions ($86.60 per Session or 66% Discount.) 
You can order ONE Session but this will cost $140 for a session. Email me.

Please press PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW and pay your $260. Once your payment approved then I will email you and we can start our sessions.

Hirini Reedy