Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

     These are intelligent, brave and obedient dogs.  Trainable, willing and able to please, although they can be a little slow to learn.  Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are affectionate, loving, friendly and very good with children.  They tend to be more loyal to one particular person in a family, rather than all family members.  They have a passion for water, swimming and retrieving. 

Chessies will get along with cats and dogs that are already living in your house, but may chase and be extremely territorial to strange cats and dogs.  The Chessie is not recommended for an inexperienced new dog owner.  The handler needs to be confident, exerting a natural authority over the dog.  A firm consistent but kind approach is the most successful way to handle them. 

The Chessie can be fairly dominant and will become willful and may develop dominance problems if it senses the owners are passive, meek or timid.  Be sure to properly train and socialize them often.  Take your Chessie out with you as much as possible and introduce it to other dogs so that it has a chance to feel relaxed with them.  The Chesapeake Bay Retriever tends to be more dominant than other retrievers.  Without the proper leadership they can become territorial, aggressive, willful, reserved with strangers and may not get along with other dogs.  Chessies are strong canines that require firm training and good management.

They love the outdoors and is completely comfortable relaxing off in the distance laying and watching everything going on around them. 




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