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Special Announcement: Warrior Camp Lynchburg Edition will be taking place on one stellar location @ 406 Briar Cliff Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502.  (This is a really awesome place!)  Everything else below which doesn't deal with location, remains unchanged.  For any related questions, or questions about portability, feel free to email me at




If you're a youth pastor or kids pastor thinking about having Warrior Camp come to your students, then welcome!  This page is for you.  If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot us an email at  We look forward to hearing from you!



What is Warrior Camp?

Great question!  Let's put it this way.  Imagine three things.  (1) The epic-ness of Braveheart.  (2) The boyhood fantasy of Disneyland.  (3)  The manly stuff from God's Word.  Now picture 3 Mack Trucks, loaded to the gills with all of the above, colliding on the Audobon like meteors at Mach 1. BOOM!  Moments later, you see something rarely witnessed in our hemisphere.  As the smoke clears, a flag waves bravely over the smoldering wreckage.  The flag reads, "Welcome to Warrior Camp!"


Who is Warrior Camp for?

Warrior Camp is geared for young men in their pre-teen years, Jr. High and/or Highschool. 


Can girls come to Warrior Camp?

Sorry girls...this one's for the boys.  But we're in the process of working on a girl's version of Warrior Camp, so stay tuned!


How long does Warrior Camp go?

Warrior Camp is currently in Phase 1, which means we're glad to offer a full-day camp called the Warrior Camp Blitz.  The Blitz is just like what it sounds, over 10 hours of pure intensity, all day long.  Generally, Warrior Camp will kick off at 10:00 a.m. and conclude around 9:00 p.m.  (But, if necessary, we can gladly customize the length around your age group).


What do students do at Warrior Camp?

Great Question.  To keep it short and sweet, Warriors (i.e. campers) participate in a Weapon Workshop where they get to build a sword or customize their own blow gun.  (This gets used later in the games, and each Warrior gets to take his home as a souvenir once he has passed Warrior Camp).  After the Weapon Workshop, there's a huge mix of tournament games, sweat-pumping competition, team vs. team challenges, and crazy fun.  Warriors are also challenged and discipled to go abnormally deep with Christ, grow into young men,  who are real men, with a freakishly strong heart after an awesome God.


How much does Warrior Camp cost?

Ever find something cool you want at the store, but can't find the price-tag?  We hate that as much as you do.  So, here goes.  Warrior Camp costs somewhere between $30-$60 per Warrior.  Why the big range?  Because some Warrior Camps might be really close to our city, and so we can drive there faster and use less gas.  Also, if we have more Warriors who want to come (up to about 40) that helps out alot too. Other Warrior Camps might be farther away, and the youth or kids pastor might want us to bring the very best of the best games.  (Somebody has to buy or build all that game equipment!).  But here's the kicker: we know students probably don't have the best jobs yet, so we've made it our goal to keep Warrior Camp as affordable as possible so everyone can go.  If you're a youth or kids pastor, we have some cool ideas on how to help keep Warrior Camp as affordable as possible, so feel free to send us an email.  Oh, and don't forget, many summer camps cost $200 or more for about four and a half full days of fun.  I'm not a math whiz, but that's about $44.50 per day, which is comparable to what Warrior Camp could be for your students.  (And we're not bragging, but we honestly think you'll have tons of fun at Warrior Camp).


How does Warrior Camp work?

1.  A Youth Pastor or Kids Pastor contacts Warrior Camp

2.  After talking to a Warrior Camp leader, the Youth or Kids Pastor decides to host a Warrior Camp Blitz for his students

3.  A Warrior Camp Leader begins to coordinate details with the Youth or Kids Pastor.  A rough headcount, price, date, and destination are set for Warrior Camp.  (Example: 30 jr. high boys, $40 each, July 10, at Eagle Island State Park).

4.  The Warrior Camp team prepares for the Warrior Camp Blitz

5.  The Youth or Kids Pastor tells his students about Warrior Camp and begins registration

6.  The Warrior Camp team travels to the city or area of the hosting church

7.  The Youth Pastor/Kids Pastor brings the students, and Warrior Camp begins!


If I'm the Youth Pastor or Kids Pastor, what do I do at Warrior Camp?

We're so glad you asked.  Some para-church ministries may unintentionally take the reins and encourage you to sit on the sidelines.  Not Warrior Camp.  We're not a self-contained circus, and you're probably not the spectator type.  We want you to be as involved as you would like to be, and we know these students have a special place in your heart.  If you need a break, and simply want to offer a dynamic event for your students without doing all the time-consuming logistics yourself, we're glad to work hard so you don't have to.  If you want to play a bigger role and challenge your students with your own discipleship series, we're glad to bring our signature line-up of Warrior Camp games to help make the day unforgettable.  Either way, our desire is to come along side of you and your ministry team, not to replace you.  If we can partner with you and help you accomplish the goals you have for your students this summer, then that's a win for everybody!


Many camps struggle with follow up, once camp is over.  Is Warrior Camp any different?

You're definitely right, and this ministry "black hole" is definitely on our radar.  When a spiritually hot student comes home from summer camp, far too often it's like sending a jr. boyscout into the Sahara with scorpion repellant and a granola bar.  We'll call this "Camp Cliff Syndrome" because it's hard for students to not to fall off of a spiritual high at camp.  But here's some good news: It doesn't have to be that way.  There's some cool stuff on our horizon right now, but currently, we have two ripe strategies we're excited about. 

First, part of the struggle with camp follow-up is due to the fact that many times there's two totally different groups of people who factor into "Camp Cliff Syndrome."  There's the dynamic speaker and a whole slew of spiritually hungry kids at camp.  It's a God-environment that's white hot and the excitement is contagious.  But once camp is over, there's a new wave of faces, and sadly, many of them don't really care about your student, or what God taught him at camp.  Since many camps are a week long, many Youth Pastors/workers or Kids Pastors/workers may even find it difficult or impossible to attend, or fully engage and relate with their students when they return.  However, one exciting thing about Warrior Camp is that the faces at camp closely match up with the faces after Camp.  You might even have the same group of Warriors attend Sunday School or on Wednesday night.  This is also where you and your ministry team come in.  We want you there too, and if you'd like, we would be glad to plug you in so you can be apart of Warrior Camp with your kids or students.  You can be right there when they make their weapon in the Weapon Workshop, sweatily retrieve the flag, break a raw egg over an opponent's head with a raw fish, or find themselves challenged in a spiritually pivotal way.  And since the Warrior Camp Blitz is just under 12 hours long, it hopefully won't present a huge problem for you and your ministry team to be there for the whole camp, and you'll be able to experience it all with your students, and relate with them afterwards.

The second thing we're excited to recommend, is a book called "God's Gift to Women" by Eric Ludy.  If you can get your students or kids to break the mold and actually go through this book together after they've attended Warrior Camp, it will provide you with a golden opportunity to build upon their Warrior Camp experience and to go deeper together in God's exciting call on their lives as young men.  (Eric has a natural gift for writing to a young audience, and a great sense of humor too!).


How do I get more information on Warrior Camp?

There's a bunch of stuff we haven't talked about yet, so we're glad to say, it's your call:

Email us:


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To all the Youth Pastors and Kids Pastors: Thanks for standing on the front lines.  If there's any way we can pray for you, let us know.  We hope to see you and your students at Warrior Camp!